Start a steel-coated epoxy flooring franchise

You have sacrificed enough

It is time to do something for yourself.

Steel Coated Epoxy Floors is now a franchise company across the country. This is your chance to join the $ 400 billion home improvement industry. Own a company with low entry costs and great potential!

With protected areas, great support, and a proven marketing strategy, at Steel Coated Floors you’ll wake up excited every day to eat a bowl of nails and get to work. The startup cost is only $ 34,000.

Why steel coated floors?

Steel clad epoxy floors are the best value available as a 100% waterproof, 100% seamless, lifetime guarantee. Our product is smooth enough to be wiped down while textured enough to be safe when wet.

Sure, you can find a cheaper price, but knowing you have a lifetime floor coating is worth it. A lot of the floors we make are faulty coatings from the other guys.

Don’t make this mistake! Get it right and guaranteed the first time.

With our proven process and lifetime guarantee, you no longer have to worry about what ends up all over the floor. You are covered! It’s time to do something that echoes forever.


Are you afraid that your floors will not meet the requirements of your truck? Our steel-coated epoxy floors are up to the challenge!


The improved appearance of our steel coated epoxy floors ensures you have a garage to be proud to spend time in!

Become a partner for steel-coated epoxy floors

We can have you in business in just 30 days. Our average job is $ 5,400 so do the math. The potential is almost as big as your biceps.

  • Did you know Americans spend over $ 300 billion on conversions and upgrades every year?
  • Did you know that 89% of homeowners are dissatisfied with their garage? Eighty-nine percent!
  • Did you know CNBC reported that in 2018, the first return on a home upgrade investment was in the garage?
  1. Over 30 years of experience
  2. 5,000+ completed jobs
  3. Lifetime guarantee
  4. 6 states served

These are the opportunities a Steel Clad Epoxy Flooring Franchise offers you as a franchisee. You will keep homeowners wondering how they have ever gone on life in their lives for so long without an epoxy coating (trust me, people are weird).

Steel clad floors have a low start-up cost, protected areas (over 200,000 residents), marketing, operational support, and a product that is best in the industry. Franchisees receive “on-the-job training” and “real time” support. Few employees, huge margins and no sales area. Be in business in just 30 days!


Most companies that make epoxy floors do it as a side business.

At Steel Coated Floors, floors and bicep curls are all we do, and we’re the best at it!

Customers love to know that this isn’t just a weekend gig, but that our business is floors.

Since we’re only using floors (and biceps), we’re not cutting corners. Where other companies only wash the floor with a caustic scrub, we sand each floor to make sure we start with the ideal finish. Our product is thick and our clear coat offers an extra level of strength and protection.

The result of our extra muscle is a floor that will really last for decades. Customers can feel the difference of a steel-coated floor! The guarantee for steel-coated floors is unsurpassed. Your customers think they have a national brand that backs the guarantee if they ever have a problem with their parquet.


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