Start a SushiFork Franchise

You choose. We roll.

We’re looking for great franchise partners and area agents (you can own an entire state, just ask us how!) To spread the SushiFork movement around the world!

Combining good Japanese sensitivity to freshness and cleanliness with an uncomplicated system to order that allows the customer to choose what they want in their role, SushiFork has brought sushi back to where it belongs.

Isn’t it difficult for SUSHI to prepare and need a highly paid SUSHI chef?

With the help of our Sushi Chef, we have developed a simplified and consistent system that enables people with no experience to offer high quality and quick sushi every time without compromising on presentation, freshness, quality or taste.

Just stay with us and we’ll have you rolling like a pro in no time.

What does the SushiFork Franchise System include?

  • Our total of 50 years of experience in the restaurant, franchising and business sectors.
  • Our cool name and logo.
  • Our sushi chef (sorry, you can only borrow him).
  • Selection and negotiation of real estate locations.
  • Support with the architectural design.
  • Construction / expansion advice.

What distinguishes SushiFork?

We are a fast restaurant concept where sushi lovers can indulge their senses with masterfully prepared cuisine, which ranges from classic rolls to individually made, original rolls.

A place where sushi amateurs can boldly explore as many options as their imagination allows – even combinations that are considered taboo; and a place where people of all social classes, of all ethnicities, young and old, north and south, east and west, can dine comfortably and properly … all for a reasonable price.

Do I have to be involved in daily operations?

Statistics say you feel better when you are. Even so, our overwhelming goal is to make SushiFork as easy as possible to run. So, if we’re doing our job well, you don’t have to be so involved if you don’t want to. In fact, you can then open another SushiFork store … or five.

How does SushiFork bank franchisees for success?

Our support center is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the sushi capital of the world … at least the fork-eating sushi capital of the world. A first-class training program as well as opening and ongoing support on site.

Operational skills and daily profit and loss account. Access to all of our manuals, management systems, employee policies and procedures. Negotiation prices with suppliers of food and accessories. Our unpretentious menu and recipes. And a second family.

What do we look for in a franchise partner?

The Same What You Look For In A Franchisor!

Honesty and integrity. Willingness to listen and learn. Hazards. Passionate. Service oriented. Team player. Clever. Mix in a fun sense of humor and you have a deal!

I am interested in a SushiFork franchise. Sign me up!

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