Start a Tapville Social Franchise

Start a Tapville Social Franchise

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UNIQUE Pour Your Own Beer, Wine and Cider FRANCHISE EXPERIENCE

We are building the future of gastronomy with our groundbreaking concept. Our concept model was developed for both the guest experience and the operator in order to simplify the weak points of traditional restaurant diners and to create a unique experience for every guest visit.

  • Self-pouring drinks: Guests pour their own beer, wine, and cocktails to reduce labor and waste.
  • Tabletop tablets for self-ordering: Guests order food directly from the table without the need for a server.
  • App: Guests can join the loyalty program and download the mobile app to order groceries, track purchases, track the rewards program and top up the value.
  • Contactless method: Guests can check in and receive an RFID card synchronized with a pre-authorized credit card, eliminating the need for paper checks.

Tapville Social Offers three (3) franchise concepts::

  • Kiosk concept
  • Brick & Mortar Restaurant
  • Mobile kiosk

Tapville Social offers a social experience at your local mall, airport, or entertainment center.

Our kiosk model offers artisanal libations while you shop, travel, or have fun.

  • Franchise fee: $ 19,500
  • Royal family: 5%
  • Total investment range: $ 117,750- $ 180,900

We believe that spending time with friends and family is valuable. Our Restaurant & Self-Pour is here to make your experience more enjoyable and tangible and to eliminate the weak points of a modern restaurant.

Enjoy an extensive list of craft libations, including changing varieties of craft beer, wine, and handcrafted cocktails.

We serve classic American menu items accessible with an ingenious twist, recreating favorites with unique ingredients and flavors.

  • Franchise fee: $ 34,500
  • Royal family: 5%
  • Total investment range: $ 462,250 – $ 721,500

Tapville Mobile will deliver the faucets to you. Tapville Mobile is available for private events, corporate events, and community events.

With 16 – 24 self-poured taps with craft beer, wine, cider and cocktails.

  • Franchise fee: $ 19,500
  • Royal family: 5%
  • Total investment range: $ 117,750- $ 180,900

The Tapville advantage

We know that hospitality businesses are difficult to run. That’s why we’ve made it easy by optimizing the customer experience using the latest technology and best practices.

Our management team is expert in operational training and we have developed the tools, standard operating procedures and training to help a franchisee open and operate our concept.

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