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Enjoy life, one teaspoon at a time!

At Teaspoon, we specialize in serving premium handcrafted tea. Our process uses modern technology and fresh ingredients to combine new flavors with tea. Our drinks are made to order using an espresso machine specially designed for brewing tea.

We want to offer all tea lovers a unique beverage experience.

We strive to use the highest quality and freshest ingredients such as organic cream, lime and mint leaves.

The teaspoon experience

The aesthetic of a teaspoon store hugs our customers as soon as they enter.

From a clean color palette and an appealing product presentation to high-quality, comfortable seating, flat-screen TVs, iPad POS systems and a handcrafted selection of drinks, the experience in the store is unique.

In addition, Teaspoon is an example of customer service. Our baristas promise reflects this commitment to service.

Each team member is well trained and able to provide a high level of customer service while maintaining full knowledge of our product offerings.

This enables us to address the direct needs of our customers, to respond efficiently to customer inquiries and to offer a service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

The teaspoon difference

Tea is enjoyed all over the world by people of all ages from different cultures and backgrounds. The tea industry is growing rapidly every year due to the great demand for tea.

Teaspoon focuses on the high quality fresh ingredients that premium teas present. Our handmade tea is brewed with an espresso machine so that every cup is freshly prepared for the customer.

We use real fruits, organic products and herbs for our drinks, such as our mint mojito and our taro milk with real taro pieces and a grasshopper enriched with cucumber.

  • Handcrafted special drinks: Our special beverages contain fresh ingredients such as organic milk, organic cream, fresh cucumber juice, grapefruit juice, mint, lime, etc.
  • Snow ice: Shaved snow is ice that is created using flash freezing technology to produce small crystals in a short period of time. With a Snow Ice Shaver machine, the ice is shaved into wafer-thin ribbons. Customers then choose fresh fruit and toppings like mochas and jellies to enjoy with their snow.
  • Mochi Donuts & Muffins: Our mochi donuts and muffins are not to be confused with others. It’s a butter mochi style desert that’s baked, not fried. It mimics the lightness of a fried dough, yet retains the dense chewability of a butter mochi.

Comprehensive business support

Teaspoon’s tremendous growth is testament to the strength of our franchise program. Teaspoon has proven that it has the integrity, longevity, and dedicated customer base to thrive in the tea industry.

At Teaspoon, our specially trained baristas work together to make premium tea by hand, cup by cup.

Teamwork is key to the success of our businesses, and we believe that so is the success of our franchisees.

This is why we have selected a company that has extensive knowledge of all aspects of franchise development, including:

  • Management
  • Operations
  • Franchise development
  • construction
  • marketing
  • accounting
  • education
  • Franchise advice

We work closely with our PR partners to inform the media and our customers about new product offerings, events, store openings and other current news.

Targeted media channels include both traditional (e.g. print) and non-traditional (e.g. social) channels, with an emphasis on both consumer and business outlets.

This helps us not only maintain and increase awareness of the Teaspoon brand, but also increase store-level sales in each local market.

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    The Hulk is at Teaspoon!

Bring our unique beverage and dessert café to your community!

The company team shares a common vision: to bring customers around the world the best tea they have ever tried.

We are committed to achieving this goal by providing superior support to our franchisees.

Through cross-departmental communication and collaboration, our team uses its skills, experience, ingenuity and expertise to make this vision a reality.

Are you ready to bring the teaspoon experience to your community?

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