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US Lawns has made life easier for commercial property owners and managers since 1986.

There are over 30 million businesses in the United States, almost all of which require floor maintenance. US Lawns has been a leading provider of property and landscape management services to businesses large and small since 1986.

With over 250 US Lawns locations across the country, we really have national strength as part of the Power of the Network. But because we are locally owned, we are committed to the communities in which we live and serve. We improve our community in a way that everyone can see.

When you join our team you can build a prosperous future as an integral part of your community.

No landscaping experience is required – just a small business passion. They hire and manage crews who deliver the best in lawn maintenance, irrigation, horticulture, snow and ice management, and most importantly, customer service.

US turf helps you succeed

Our mission is to promote and develop successful companies. That includes our customers … and you.

As a franchisee, you enjoy extensive training, a supportive community of franchisee colleagues, and access to our personal management consultants. Plus, you can count on our home office support team for dedicated assistance.

You will also unlock US Lawns exclusive systems and processes based on 30 years of industry expertise. These leading tools and technologies will help you tackle the challenges of the business world – including premium software, national purchasing power, recruitment programs, and more. Follow our proven roadmap to success.

The advantages at a glance

  • Relatively low startup costs
  • Largest commercial landscape network in the USA
  • 30 years in business
  • Booming industry with recurring income
  • Exclusive systems and processes for success
  • National purchasing power for equipment and accessories
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Help from a nationwide network of franchisees
  • Become a leader in your community
  • Ideal for veterans
  • Excellent customer service
  • No experience required
  • Fewer customers had to build a big business
  • Setting appointments for winning business accounts

No previous knowledge required

If you have no experience in the landscaping industry and / or have no experience starting or growing your own business, don’t worry.

Our extensive training program and ongoing support gives you the tools to get your business off the ground. Our seasoned industry professionals will support and train you to use your sales and management skills to build the business while your crews maintain the properties.

Our training

At US Lawns, our commitment to education is unparalleled. As a franchisee, you’ll enjoy our renowned training programs, starting with six days in our Orlando home office.

There you will learn industry secrets and best practices from leading experts in the commercial landscape. After your return, a dedicated advisor will be available to provide you with additional and continuous support.

Once a year, every US lawn owner is invited to an annual conference in different cities around the country where we learn together and celebrate our mutual success.

Join the US Lawns team

There was no way I could have grown my company as fast and as big as I got it during that time. If I didn’t have the support and if I didn’t have the name behind me, I wouldn’t get any jobs that I get. – –Ben Harrell, US Lawns Franchisee | Lowell, AR


If you are dedicated, service-minded and committed to the pursuit of excellence, we are looking for you. Be a leader in your community and proudly wear the US Lawns Gold Star.

Are you ready to build a prosperous future as an integral part of your community?

Take the first step to connect by requesting information using the request link to build your future with US Lawns!

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