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As a Valenta BPO Franchise Partner, you have the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility and freedom to work on your terms, leveraging a global brand, accessing world-class training and support, and tapping into an international network.


Our unique franchise model has our franchise partners focusing solely on growing their franchise while Valenta takes care of all operations.

The flexibility this offers allows our franchise owners to initially develop their part-time franchise (if preferred) until it becomes highly profitable, enabling the transition to full-time employment.

This, combined with quick setup and global recognition, makes it a great opportunity for anyone looking to own a successful business. Unlike other franchised models, installation costs are very low as there is no need for elaborate display cases or the acquisition of expensive equipment

Why become a partner of Valenta?

Valenta offers a diversified business that offers minimal risk. This is achieved by providing various services appropriate for any sector, diversifying its commercial offer.

Multiple revenue streams:
As a franchise owner you can earn both one-time and recurring income. Even when you’re not working, this provides income protection.

Globally proven business model:
Valenta franchises operate successfully in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Leverage the experience of customer service around the world.

Develop part-time until you make a profit:
Our unique model offers unmatched flexibility in developing your franchise at your own pace.

We manage all operations:
You will focus solely on building your business through customer acquisition. All outsourcing operations are provided by us, so you can grow your business faster.

A low installation cost:
A Valenta BPO franchise does not require a large investment in resources such as important showcases or expensive equipment, which also requires maintenance. This means that you can be profitable sooner.

Training and support

We provide you with comprehensive training to start the business and ongoing support to ensure success.

No specific qualifications in process consulting, digital transformation or outsourcing are required as our team will deliver the operations. We embrace a team culture in which consolidated and proven methodologies are adopted and shared.

All Franchise Partners can employ various specialists including a dedicated Business Coach and a marketing support team. Leverage these resources to rapidly increase revenue streams.


Valenta BPO offers relevant services in all sectors, regardless of company size. Use these tools to build your business and increase profitability every step of the way.

Process optimization

Work with your customers to improve processes, resulting in maximized efficiencies and reduced costs. With a range of specialty services available, including CRM setup and management, software development, and more, we’ve got what you need.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation uses innovative new technologies to help your customers gain a competitive advantage through robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.


Valenta BPO’s clients report cost savings of up to 60% by outsourcing key business activities that are often mundane but critical. Improved customer service, access to highly trained staff, 24/7 access and faster turnaround times were all highlighted as key benefits.


Providing solutions to businesses in any vertical. The diversity of our service offering ensures that, as a franchise owner, you can leverage your individual experience and network to grow your business:

If you are considering investing in a franchise and prefer something that requires less effort and time with more potential growth opportunities, a Valenta BPO franchise may be just what you need.

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