Start a VaVia Dumpster Rental Franchise

Start a VaVia Dumpster Rental Franchise

Become a Dumpster Rental Franchisee!

Simple. Walk.

VaVia is growing fast and we are looking for trustworthy franchise partners to reach new locations in selected markets. Vavia is a simple and repeatable company with unique advantages in the rental and transportation of dumpsters.

Why VaVia Dumpster Rental?

Franchising with us gives you the opportunity to own your own business while getting the full support you need as a franchisee.

You are in business for yourself, but not for yourself – all for the benefit of your customers. We help you to be up and running quickly so that you can offer the service quality that our customers expect.

With more than 50 years of experience, we have industry relationships that enable us to use purchasing power and reduce costs to your advantage.

  • Remodeling or renovation projects
  • Tidying up or cleaning up residential units
  • Housing projects
  • Commercial construction projects
  • Roofing projects
  • Landscaping projects

With our Industry 1st Partnership, an experienced Senior Leadership Team and a unique “CanTrack” technology, Vavia franchisees can stand out from the competition.

We believe in “Easy Go”.

VaVia (Italian for “It goes away”) Is there to create or restore order in the lives of our customers and our employees by providing a smart, simple solution for disposal in residential and / or commercial areas.

We help our clients complete their projects on time and on budget without all of the headaches. VaVia restores order to your construction sites by removing excess “stuff” and giving people, homes and businesses their space.

We play an important role in helping our clients complete their projects successfully.

Our process is simple. Our people are warm. Your neighbors are happy (no unsightly containers).

Customer acquisition and retention

Our customers are the most important factor in your business, so customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We enjoyed a 95% retention rate because:
  • Quality service
  • Time-saving technology
  • Hassle-free delivery

We focus on making sure our franchisees are successful.

With our robust operations training program, our digital sales program, our market-specific sales lead program, the disposal cost management program and our unique technology…. We make sure that you know the way to success!

Our services are preferred by private customers, commercial builders, roofers, remodeling companies, renovators and property management companies who want a hassle-free and pleasant customer experience.

Vavia’s equipment

Through developed partnerships, leasing and financing equipment is an option for our franchisees. We strive to make your entry into the market as easy as possible and accompany you every step of the way.


Don’t miss the opportunity to join an exciting and beneficial company in a $ 75 billion waste management industry.

Don’t waste another moment! Please request information below to take the next steps with vavia!

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