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WaterStation Technology is a forward-thinking water treatment company that uses technology to better serve partners and customers. We produce, use and operate water treatment machines that produce alkaline water. Our machines use our patent pending filter system to purify and mineralize water as needed.

The most popular locations for a large machine like ours are in your local grocery store. Consumers bring their refillable container and buy water with their other groceries. WST’s National Account Program reaches agreements with major retail chains to place our investors’ WaterStations® in their locations. Many replace the leading brand and create an already installed customer base.

Our mission is to provide healthier, more affordable drinking water to individuals, cities, and entire nations, delivered through more responsible purification systems that do not harm the environment.

Why should you choose WaterStation technology?

Our self-service WaterStations purify water at the highest level and infiltrate it through a range of natural minerals to create a virtual spring water with electrolytes and an alkaline pH value.

  • Drinking water pollution from taps
  • Escalation pollution from plastic water bottles
  • Spiral cost of recycling
  • Efforts to keep plastic out of landfills and vans

We feel privileged to lead a movement to purify the world’s drinking water, which is itself the essence of life.


The responsibilities in the model are included in the investment price, there are no hidden fees or additional costs.

In addition, investors should enter into this agreement with the understanding that it is a passive, long-term investment. The decision to partner with specific grocery and convenience stores, as well as evaluation of placement in specific regions, states, and cities are made with a long-term perspective in mind.


WaterStation Technology’s unique design turns local tap water into healthy drinking water.

  • Filters local water into pure drinking water.
  • Contaminated or good drinking water in alkaline water at a fraction of the cost of bottled alkaline water.
  • Filters sea water into pure drinking water through our unique filter system.

The basis of all decisions is, of course, to achieve the greatest returns for investor partners, the greatest value for partner locations and the best investor / location partnerships for WaterStation Technology: We intentionally “achieve the greatest returns for investor partners“As our first priority.

Grocery stores … Our # 1 destination

  • Water is the second fastest growing category in grocery stores.
  • Alkaline water is the fastest segment of all foods out of thousands of inventory items.
  • “Sweet Spot” offers the Business Alliance owner Profit-sharing model investors long-term growth.

Multiple payment platforms

  • Cash / coin, direct debit / credit, mobile payment or we can equip them so that customers pay at the cash register.
  • More payment platforms than any other machine on the market.
  • Additional payment platform options increase sales per machine by 10% to 35% compared to the large conventional water machine brand.

At WaterStation Technologies, we have a real watershed technology that is not only potentially more lucrative than the bottled water industry, but also far more environmentally friendly and sound.

Are you ready to meet your community’s need for convenient, clean, and fresh drinking water on the go?

Please only submit if you meet the requirements of at least $ 80,000 in cash, at least $ 500,000 in net worth, and a credit score of over $ 700.

Please request information below now to get in touch and take the next steps with Waterstation Technology!