Start a Waxing the City® Franchise

Start a Waxing the City® Franchise

Waxing is hot – and getting Hotter!

Growing is a fast growing segment of the ever growing salon industry. As it grows in popularity – for women and men, young and old – a company dedicated to growing is ideal for all types of markets in a variety of communities.

Personal investment

This is not just a business, it is your life. You can decide whether you want to keep a full-time job and appoint a studio manager to take over the day-to-day operations of your Waxing The City studio, or do it yourself.

You can also take advantage of a business or even more profit from the property of many.

Waxing The City is exclusively dedicated to the art of body waxing and is aimed at both women and men. We offer a superior waxing experience using proprietary wax, techniques and unparalleled customer service.

  • PERSONAL CARE IS HOT: Body waxing is a fast growing segment of the booming salon industry. As it grows in popularity – for women and men, young and old – a company dedicated to growing is ideally suited for all types of markets in a variety of communities.
  • IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY: The wax industry is ready for a big franchise player. 99% of the salons only have one location. The largest supplier, European Wax, has a market share of only 0.3%, which is a significant opportunity for an industry leader to establish themselves and do much more of the market.
  • RECESSION RESISTANT BUSINESS: Industry reports show that specialty salons like Wax and Nails performed well during the recession. Sales soared to a high of $ 11 billion. and the top performing Waxing The City studios were founded in 2009 to prove that consumers don’t want to go without self-care and beauty even in difficult times.
  • HIGH DEMAND SERVICE: The founders of Waxing The City® realized that the salon industry was ripe for specialization – especially for waxing. Spurred on by their loyal clientele and belief that growing is a lifestyle, not an occasional enjoyment, they have signed franchise deals with the help of Self Esteem Brands.


This is not your quick, painful, impersonal waking experience.

In fact, it’s just the opposite – where there is superior training, customer service, and convenience. Add confidence building results and there’s no question why people love Waxing The City.

  • EXCLUSIVE WAX: The only way to have the best waxing experience is to start with the best wax. Our specially formulated soft and hard wax is produced exclusively for Waxing The City in Spain and France. Not only do they offer gentle hair removal, they also soothe and comfort your skin.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING: At Waxing the City, our licensed beauticians are not only wax specialists, but also the ultimate professionals in their craft. This led us to create our own title as Cerologist ™ Technician, combining “cera” (Latin for wax) with “ologist” (to indicate their level of education and expertise). Each of them takes a one-week hands-on training course to become certified and receives ongoing education and training during their employment.
  • EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS: We believe that brows are an extension of people’s style and self-care is not selfish but smart. That is why we sell a range of exclusive Waxing The City products that complement our wax services, offer great gift options and give our customers the chance to enjoy a touch of WTC luxury home!

Startup and beyond

We want you to be confident with every decision.

Here are some of the services available when you become a Waxing The City franchise owner.

  • SELECTION AND RENTAL OF THE WEBSITE: We provide free support through our partnership with Franchise Real Estate, LLC (FRE). A team of experienced brokers at FRE can help you review the market area and find an ideal location for your studios.
  • FINANCING AID: Our finance department has a streamlined advisory process that starts with a review of your personal and business finances. We will then recommend a wide range of products and services to finance your Waxing the City studios.
  • STUDIO DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION: Our engineering and construction department has a comprehensive project management solution that you can use to assemble an architect, find contractors, get quotes and manage the build-out process.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING: You and your employees are supported at all levels. This includes new franchisee training tailored specifically for studio operations, as well as ongoing regional workshops, advanced management meetings and an annual conference.
  • ONGOING SUPPORT: Waxing The City offers our franchisees a wide variety of tools and resources. This includes a web-based franchisee support center with real-time franchise news, an online operations manual, a comprehensive training plan, human resource management functions and much more.
  • MARKETING SUPPORT: From a grand opening program that creates excitement in your market 45 days before and after your studio opens, to innovative plans, programs and promotions with bespoke marketing articles, you have the tools and resources to drive studio traffic.

Franchise ownership with Waxing the City is running smoothly. Do it today!

Contact us by requesting information using our inquiry form below to get started!

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