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Wayback Burgers has been making things successful since 1991.

And our success is no accident.

At Wayback Burgers we have a passion for “Respect the way“- a motto that stands for the way we treat our guests, how we source our products and how we commit ourselves to doing the right thing.

Nostalgia is at the heart of everything we do, and Wayback Burgers’ mission statement is timeless – creating a culture of belonging by uniting people through a love of comfort food.

Our franchise partners and their team members are all interested in living this mission statement and are consistently taking steps to remind all guests that we have our backs at Wayback!

Why choose us

10 (uncomplicated) reasons to come back!

  1. We are consistently rated by Entrepreneur Magazine as the top 10 “better burgers” and top fast casual restaurant franchises.
  2. We have a solid reputation for quality food and a commitment to constant innovation. From quarterly LTOs to capitalize on market trends, to our Wayback app, which gives our guests a mobile kiosk in their pocket where they can order groceries for take-out, delivery or roadside pickup.
  3. Our franchisees have lower labor and food costs than other fast-casual burger operators.
  4. We give back to the community through national and local partnerships with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, toys for toddlers, the Salvation Army, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and YMCAs.
  5. We offer an easy start. The investment required – a total of $ 350,000 to $ 450,000 – is less than many of our competitors.
  6. Our franchises are easy to use and manage – a good solution, even for those with less experience.
  7. We have more desirable areas than other recognizable burger brands – which means less competition for the best seat in your area.
  8. We make the operation efficient. Our average restaurant is 1,600 to 1,800 square feet, while most competitive restaurants are 2,500 square feet and larger.
  9. Franchises have a higher success rate! The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that 95% of franchises are still in business after five years, while less than half of self-established businesses are in business.
  10. Our track record and extensive experience with national brands is unmatched. Our management team (CEO John Eucalitto, President Pat Conlin and Chief Development Officer Bill Chemero) has more than 100 years of experience in the franchise sector.

1. Traditional restaurants – freestanding, endcap, inline and out packages

  • It all started in our traditional restaurants. The prototypical layout is ~ 1700sqf and offers you 40-50 seats for your guests. These locations can also have seating on the outside terrace and / or a drive-through.

2. C-Store and Travel Center models

  • Wayback Burgers restaurants work well when they are open near a supermarket or travel center and use the visibility of all the passing traffic to search for different restaurants.

3. Not traditional

  • Military bases, shopping malls, universities or airports may be able to use our smaller model with a shared dining area. Food is still being prepared in front of the guests to show them the freshness of our products.

4. Conversions

  • Would you like to remodel your current restaurant or a 2nd generation restaurant area near you? We can help. Our in-house construction department can work with you to keep the existing infrastructure as small as possible.

Support from our franchisee support center

  • Support with location selection and rental contract negotiations.
  • Design and construction instructions as well as offer review and comparison.
  • World-famous training program.
  • National and hyper-local marketing support for your restaurant.
  • Daily / weekly assistance from the Regional Director of Operations as well as quarterly business reviews to help you achieve your goals.

Wayback Burgers has been making things successful since 1991. And our success is no accident.

We have carefully grown in key markets, adhering to our principles and community-centered culture, and building valuable partnerships around the world. The result has been constant year-over-year growth in the franchise system, even in times of economic downturn since our current owner team took over in 2008 and we started franchising in 2009.

Our franchisees are thriving because the American love of burger remains strong and customers are actively looking for “better burger” brands to deliver the goods.

Wayback Burgers stands out among our competitors for the timeless popularity of our burgers, the growing demand for quality ingredients, the appeal of a refined and nostalgic atmosphere and affordable prices.

We’re spot on with how tastes and preferences are evolving around the world. No wonder we are growing so steadily. The formula of a simple, honest product served and delivered ad libitum just works.

Ideal candidate

We pride ourselves on our extremely diverse group of franchisees. No two of our franchisees come from the same backgrounds (from a Wyoming welder to a childhood farmer to a Pakistani-American businessman), but they are all focused, dedicated, and hardworking.

Our franchisees may come to Wayback Burgers from all walks of life, but they all love three important things –their community, their staff and Waybacks legendary food!

Of course, the ideal candidate for Wayback Burgers must meet basic financial requirements (which are significantly lower than most other fast-casual burger brands!) And have a strong desire to live out Wayback’s mission statement: create a culture of belonging within theirs Restaurant by uniting people through a love of comfort food.

Also – giving back is certainly in our DNA at Wayback Burgers. We are committed to an ongoing national partnership with the Boys & Girls Club and we run regular fundraising campaigns to raise money for Boys & Girls clubs across the country.

Many of our franchisees go well beyond this partnership, donating time and money to local nonprofits. We all at Wayback appreciate the daily opportunities to give back to team members, guests and local organizations – it’s all about “Respect the way!

Does that sound like you? Let’s connect!

Request more information below to get in touch with our Wayback BURGERS franchise team!

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