Start an Accessible Home Care Franchise

Start an Accessible Home Care Franchise

You will feel at home with our franchisee family

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Accessible Home Health Care is a privately owned, full-service home healthcare company. Our track record shows that we provide the best medical and ancillary nursing, nursing management and medical human resource services. What do you need? Only the drive to success!

Accessible is the innovative trendsetter in the industry, from bespoke care programs to the first home care company to provide hospitals, qualified care facilities and doctors with our technology portal (24/7 Health Vitals) for remote patient monitoring and telemedicine.

Health experience not required!

Become an Accessible Home Health Care franchisee and benefit from our reliable success model. As the owner of a thriving home care business, you will see personal success while making a difference in your community!

What makes yours accessible best Choice?

  • The only medical and non-medical home health company, including Medicare (where available) – a clear advantage over limited home care companies.
  • Full support for franchisees in obtaining licenses and accreditation from the Joint Commission.
  • Accessible is an approved provider with all major networks of long term health insurance companies.
  • Complete proven sales, marketing, and promotional programs to grow your franchise.
  • Full initial training and ongoing support.
  • Protected areas.
  • Multiple sources of income for medical personnel.
  • Remote patient monitoring and telehealth services.

We offer complete back office services for billing and payroll.

When we handle your back office services, you have more time to concentrate on marketing, recruiting nurses and caring for your patients, thereby increasing your sales.

Sources of Income for Home Healthcare

We offer Medicare and Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth, Select Medicaid and all other home health services. Accessible is the only franchise system that secures all available sources of income and enables you to become a true full-service provider.

With Accessible as our franchisee, you have access to 100% of the revenue streams available in your state, including Medicare.

Accessible training and support for franchisees

Our experienced support team consists of home nursing professionals who will assist you during the initial training process and provide ongoing support so that you can successfully manage your business to ensure all levels of care. No prior healthcare experience is required to be a franchisee.

With our AccessEdge services we support you with:

  • Certification and Licensing.
  • Certification of the insurance company.
  • Customized websites.
  • Customized advertising and digital marketing support.

When You Become an Accessible Home Health Care Franchisee, You become part of our family. Our commitment to your success is as personal and compassionate as taking care of the thousands of people in need.

We are with you every step of the way in your business: when you call us, you will speak directly to an experienced member of our senior management team for home care.

Your success is our mission.

Contact us today to learn more about joining the accessible home nursing family!

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