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A franchise for healthcare professionals who He worries

Your dream career is waiting for you.

ATC Healthcare helps carers like you build strong healthcare franchises. We train you to recruit the best healthcare associates and place them in a variety of locations in the healthcare industry, including hospitals, schools, travel locations and any other places that need qualified staff.

Your nurses, medical assistants, and other healthcare workers find the temporary positions they’re looking for, your clients get the staffing solutions they need, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re making the entire healthcare system work better for everyone.

Get powerful benefits with ATC Healthcare

Healthcare is a fast growing and in high demand sector and ATC Healthcare is leading the task of placing exceptional healthcare workers in the places where they are needed most.

You can be part of this important process as one of our franchise partners.

We are partners from day one

At ATC Healthcare, we believe that a thriving healthcare professional business starts with a partnership that pays off.

To make it happen, we provide all of our franchise partners with the most comprehensive tools and training in the industry, plus ongoing support that can’t be beat.

Whether you’ve spent years in the healthcare industry or are just starting to get your feet wet, the ATC Healthcare training team is here to help you master the industry and start your business the right way.

I love that I can really focus on my business while dealing with back-office tasks like billing and collections. Recruiting and staffing are the key elements that I focus on, and with the behind-the-scenes support that is provided to me, I can truly lead my business. —Lynne Dion | ATC Healthcare Franchise Partner for 17 years

No health care experience needed

You don’t need to be a personnel or health care expert to become an ATC Healthcare Franchise Partner.

Our training is designed to quickly put any qualified candidate in step with the times in and out of healthcare professionals, getting you up and running in no time. And our ongoing support is so comprehensive that you never have to worry about your questions going unanswered.


We share your goals of building a strong business and growing your customer list.

To help achieve these goals, we offer ongoing training and support that is unrivaled in the industry.

We cover all the back office operations of your ATC Healthcare franchise. This means that we take care of invoices, collections, tax processing and even the payroll of your healthcare workers.

All you have to do is focus on your customers.

And if anything happens along the way, from marketing support to contract questions, our dedicated team is ready to help all of our franchise partners find the best ways to keep their business on track.

We have learned from experience

We have been working in healthcare for more than 30 years and in this time we have learned a few things about what it takes to make this business work. We share this wealth of insights with you from day one.

With ATC Healthcare, you gain a reputable brand known among healthcare professionals, a corporate team that is dedicated to helping you thrive, and so much more.

  • Back office support keeps administrative minutiae off the table.
  • Business development training prepares you to manage and grow your business.
  • Human resources management ensures the coverage of your healthcare workers.
  • The low overhead makes corporate ownership affordable.

ATC Healthcare is an expert in providing healthcare personal franchises because we are dedicated to the people we serve.

Becoming an ATC Healthcare Franchise Partner means gaining that industry experience and a strong bond with everyone in the healthcare industry that we help bring together.

Not only are you entering an industry that is experiencing rapid and continuous growth, when you join ATC Healthcare, you are franchising with a company that knows how to take advantage of that growth and develop staffing solutions that work for everyone.

We have built our amazing business model on that industry know-how and now we offer you the opportunity to put our hard work to good use in your local market.

Contact us today to learn more about franchising in the fastest growing segment of the personnel industry.

Please submit only if you meet the requirements of $ 80,000 minimum in cash, $ 300,000 minimum equity, and 700+ credit score.

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