Start an N-Hance Wood Refinishing Franchise

Start an N-Hance Wood Refinishing Franchise

Wood repair done right.

Be a part of the $ 450 billion home improvement industry with the leading wood repair franchise.

N-Hance dominates a lucrative segment of the $ 450 billion home improvement industry. Homeowners love our fast, affordable, and beautiful solutions for their kitchen cabinets, floors, and more.

With more than 500 locations across the country and 50 planned locations this year, N-Hance is actively looking for passionate professionals who want to build a bright future on their own with one of the best brands in the franchise industry.

The industry agrees. Entrepreneur The magazine has included us in its prestigious annual “Franchise 500” list as well as in its “Top 100 Franchises for less than 100,000” for 2019.

N-Hance is led by the same visionary leadership team that started Chem-Dry, now the world’s largest carpet cleaning franchise. It’s a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs joining a proven, fast-growing brand who want to break the bank without building a better future for themselves.

Why is now a good time to invest in N-Hance?

N-Hance conquers a significant part of the booming home improvement industry.
N-Hance gives you the opportunity to stand out from the competition and build a trusted reputation in your market by offering a service that no competitor can offer – beautifully restored cabinets, doors and floors at a fraction of the cost, all in one It takes a fraction of the time traditional rework or replacement.

The truth is, N-Hance doesn’t face any legitimate competition.
Our level of service and patented technology are revolutionizing the industry and independent contractors in communities across the country cannot compete with them.

There is no other brand in the country that can compete with N-Hance for wood repair services. Our Lightspeed technology doesn’t sand down floors, there’s no drying time, there’s no odor or dust – our customers can literally dance on it when we’re done.

Best of all, our work looks absolutely beautiful and is one-fifth the cost of the industry standard. We give our customers their rooms back. It’s a remarkable brand with an even better future. – –D’Wayne Tanner, vice president, franchise development.

Why is N-Hance the best opportunity?

Here are some reasons why entrepreneurs are investing in N-Hance.


While many brands pride themselves on their low cost of entry, N-Hance is truly affordable.

The total investment estimate for commissioning is between $ 52,369 and $ 168,747. Because of these low operating costs, N-Hance franchise ownership is available to many more business owners than any other hardware store brand in the market. N-Hance also offers in-house financing.


Harvard University’s Joint Center of Housing Studies reports in its 2019 study that the home improvement market hit a record high of nearly $ 425 billion in 2017.

The Research Outlet reports that the combination of aging homes (the average home is more than 50 years old), rising property prices in many markets, and an aging population (10,000 people become seniors every day) will result in a strong home. Improvement market for years to come.


Our franchisees stand out from the competition and create a trusted reputation in their markets by offering a service that no competitor can match– –Beautifully restored cabinets, doors and floors at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time of traditional repair or replacement.

The truth is, N-Hance doesn’t face any legitimate competition. Our service level and our proprietary technology are revolutionizing the industry. As the launch of our new grinding service earlier this spring shows, our commitment to new technology continues to add value to our franchisees.


N-Hance’s National Marketing Campaign efforts are helping to improve job leads. It contains commercials on leading home improvement channels such as HGTV, the DIY Network, TLC and other television channels and magazines.

The N-Hance corporate team also manages other marketing channels that help promote N-Hance across the country, which benefits every N-Hance business owner.

Franchising with N-Hance means that you will never be alone in the business

With the majority of our franchisees joining our franchise family with no experience in the wood repair industry, we have established a culture of education and training that helps new franchisees get into business quickly and keep seasoned franchisees up to date.

Our quick start program will help you to establish yourself quickly: As soon as you come on board as a new franchisee, N-Hance creates a plan that spans the entire first year.

N-Hance offers in-person training at our newly expanded, state-of-the-art training center in Logan, UT, online courses at N-Hance University, a business coach to help you set goals and beat them for a year of marketing support and also set it up with the Home Depot in your community to quickly attract new leads.

Get involved with N-HANCE!

If you’re interested in starting your own business, wouldn’t you want to join a growing brand that does everything in its power to ensure that their franchise family continues to thrive over the long term? Talk to me and let’s start a conversation!

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