Start Compassionate Helpers Franchise

Start Compassionate Helpers Franchise

Compassionate Helpers: An industry that stands out

A variety of services set us apart, including a state-of-the-art outpatient rehabilitation center and our traveling physical therapists who make Compassionate Helpers a one-stop shop.

Our company has a philosophy of integrity and support in all aspects of our business. The aging of the Baby Boomer generation invites a solid, senior-centered approach to meet the demand for high quality senior care services. Therefore our concept has almost unlimited potential nationwide.

Compassionate Helpers seeks qualified, professional candidates for our exciting franchise opportunity that will carry the Compassionate Helpers model in the United States.


Compassionate Helpers offers a rewarding experience to a franchise buyer looking to get into a proven industry with a thriving need.

Our model provides a franchisee with multiple sources of income and unrestricted access to our support team.

We are here to provide our customers and franchisees with a solid operating model that will drive them forward in a successful business.

Our brand attracts entrepreneurial hopefuls who want a company with reasonable overhead, affordable startup costs, impressive ROI, and wide market applicability.

Why Choose Compassionate Helpers?

What else makes Compassionate Helpers the preferred franchise option in the franchise market?


Early adopters have the opportunity to receive exclusive territorial rights for their own Compassionate Helpers. This means that you have exclusive access to an area with approximately 15,000 to 25,000 residents over the age of 65.


We offer our franchisees a comprehensive training program that leads to the start of the franchise. This includes instructions on employee selection, administrative, operational and sales / marketing issues.

During the training period, there will also be a generous number of on-the-job training courses at both Compassionate Helpers headquarters and the franchise facility.


The Compassionate Helpers model has been tested and tested at its in-house facility and has achieved tremendous success. We understand exactly what the company needs to be successful at each location and to put these resources in the hands of our franchisees.

Support you every step of the way

We want our franchisees to be successful. Compassionate Helpers has put together a comprehensive support program that effectively communicates the tools and resources any franchise needs, from the initial start through to ongoing research.


Compassionate Helpers offers our franchisees a comprehensive system of proven processes!

We provide ongoing training and support in many areas critical to the success of a franchisee’s business, including unit operation and maintenance, customer service techniques, cleaning techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing policies and administrative procedures.


Compassionate Helpers coordinates the development of promotional materials for all of our franchisees.

We will also provide our franchisees with consumer marketing plans and materials for use at a local or regional level. We work with our franchisees to keep customers going!


We will negotiate volume discounts on behalf of all members of the franchise network and pass some or all of the savings on to our franchisees!


Compassionate Helpers offers our franchisees an initial overview of financial, legal and accounting elements. In addition, we strive to discover and research methods and techniques that improve profitability at the unit level.

Qualifications for the Compassionate Worker Candidate

Compassionate Helpers endeavors to franchise candidates who are extremely professional and of the highest character.

In particular, we are looking for people with the following qualifications:

  • We want professionals who are passionate about running a medical or non-medical agency. A solid commitment to growth with Compassionate Helpers is important.
  • Compassionate Helpers is here to help families and their loved ones at a very vulnerable time in their lives. We need people who are passionate about helping others and who are familiar with personal interaction with customers and their families.
  • A high level of credibility is a must for our candidates. The nature of Compassionate Helpers serves our customers in their homes which means having a flawless reputation and an attitude that customer comes first is a must.
  • Each candidate must have excellent customer service skills, clear communication, basic business acumen, and top-notch time management skills.
  • We need candidates who meet the initial financial requirements to successfully start their business. A Compassionate Helpers franchisee should have a minimum of $ 137,000 in investment capital that includes training, franchise fees, and all other costs.
  • A person who meets the above qualifications may be an excellent fit for our company! We want candidates who believe in the values ​​of Compassionate Helpers, who can run a business and who want to consistently deliver high quality services.

Are you ready to dive into a reliable, trustworthy, and successful company with a proven track record?

Are you interested in joining a brand that has built its reputation through years of experience?

Join the team of compassionate helpers today.

Please submit our quick inquiry form to get in touch and learn more about our industry leading franchise!

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