Start the Grout Doctor Franchise

Start the Grout Doctor Franchise

We heal sick mortar! ™

Apologies are useless while RESULTS are priceless.

It doesn’t take a college degree, a fancy corner office, or a lot of money to become a grout doctor. Every grout doctor is trained comprehensively and continuously in the field of grout, tile and stone restoration by a very energetic and competent support team.

This is home business with you as the owner and operator. Our franchise packages are comprehensive and affordable. If you are a military veteran we have a special discount just for you.

The Benefits of the Grout Doctor Franchise

Our vision is twofold: To be recognized as the industry leader in renovating existing grout and tile, and having a positive impact on the local economy with every successful franchise sold.

  • Flexible, family friendly home business
  • Proprietary franchise management software
  • Proprietary Grout Doctor Professional and Consumer Products
  • Personalized marketing plan and unlimited toll-free support
  • Professional landing page for your region for personal advertising
  • Listing of the local telephone number and directory management
  • Call / data processing center
  • Printing center for your advertising and printing needs

Every grout doctor is trained comprehensively and continuously in the field of grout, tile and stone restoration by a very energetic and competent support team.

  • Ongoing training and support
  • Optional training and support for related services
  • Newsletter
  • Conventions
  • Conference calls
  • Unlimited toll-free direct technical support
  • Training and marketing manuals
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Grout Doctor clothing for work and leisure

The Grout Doctor® deals with mortar and everything that surrounds it. Mortar will come into your life at some point every day because it’s EVERYWHERE.

Offered services:

  • Tile and floor cleaning
  • Tile and floor sealing
  • Tile and floor coloring

Because of this, grout can be a very lucrative business. We offer our customers an alternative to replacing or re-tiling entire areas where grout is damaged, dirty or moldy, which can cost time and money. We encourage our customers to “innovate and restore” and then use proven recovery processes to do so.

Each service is a separate source of income. This expands the possibility of getting a higher return on your investment. In addition, our franchise packages contain an extensive practical training program so that you are prepared from day one.


The ideal candidate is any man, woman, couple, family or retiree who wants financial independence or additional income and:

  • Looking for a new lifestyle and want to be your own boss.
  • Excited about building equity in a company.
  • Motivated to open up a designated geographic area.
  • Ready to connect to an established system for success.
  • Ready to do what it takes to be successful.
  • May appreciate restoring the mortar to its original beauty.

We have been setting standards for our industry since 1992, our founder created them! Now you too can offer private and business customers our excellent service.

The flexible schedule of our mobile franchise offers the potential to suit your family and lifestyle and achieve the desired work-life balance.

Ready to learn more about how to bring our industry leading franchise to your market?

Please send our inquiry form via the link to get in touch with The Grout Doctor®!

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