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The Ultimate Barber offers a high-margin business model with comprehensive support for your barbershop franchise both at start-up and throughout your business operations. We offer an extensive library of marketing content, helpful tables for interactive operations management, and ongoing education and training to help drive the success of your men’s salon franchise.

Why the ultimate hairdresser?


Hair always grows and people always need a haircut. For the franchisee, this is a great opportunity.

For example, In 2018, the US hairdressing industry had combined sales of $ 4 billion with an annual growth rate of 1.8%. With the average person spending around $ 30 on each of their haircuts. Owning a The Ultimate Barber franchise gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to get a quick return on their investment with the potential for high profit margins.

Industry statistics:

  • There are more than 140,000 companies in the United States that offer hair salons.
  • Barber shops generate total sales of around $ 4 billion.
  • The industry is expected to reach $ 26 billion by the end of 2020.
  • 71% of men stay loyal to their hairdresser for more than 7 years on average.

The concept of the Ultimate Barber is based on a date-based business model and is therefore extremely successful. While they welcome walk-ins, appointments are critical to creating a consistent, steady flow of customers without frustrating them by waiting for their haircut.

  • Simple and high-margin business model: Ultimate Barber’s business model is designed for long-term success.
  • Low startup costs: The Ultimate Barber offers an affordable start-up cost.
  • Recurring sources of income: People will always be looking for their next haircut appointment.

Providing services to men, women, and children, the Ultimate Barber offers a variety of hair services, including cuts with clippers, scissors, hair dye, scalp treatments for hair resurfacing, and facial hair care. In addition, The Ultimate Barber sells proprietary products under the Vegso brand, including hair and beard shampoos and conditioners.


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