Starting a Small Business of Artisanal Sweets

Starting a Small Business of Artisanal Sweets

There are many people who prepare delicious artisan sweets such as jams, jellies, candies, among many others.

As the person receives comments from his family and friends who love the sweets he prepares at home, he realizes that he has in his hands a potential business for which he is good and the one that has always attracted him, the only thing is you don’t know where or how to start your own artisan candy businessFor this reason, we will explain the steps to start it below.

Steps to Start Your Artisan Candy Business

Choose a brand

First of all, you must devise or create a brand for your product, try that the name does not only describe the jams or jellies you prepare. It has to be a nice name that people always remember easily. Get a graphic design professional to help you develop or create a logo, which you will use on all the articles, packaging, labels and other things related to your product.

Check if your kitchen is suitable for preparing sweets

Visit the office in your city related to food preparation and sanitation in general, to find out if it is possible to prepare these foods in your own kitchen. In some parts this is possible but in others not since they require that the kitchen where the food will be prepared be duly certified, or that you do it in another kitchen that does have that certification.

In the event that you must use a kitchen other than yours, there is a less expensive way to do it, for example, there are restaurants or cafes that are not open full time, so take advantage and talk to the manager about the option of rent it. Other ideas can be community centers, churches, etc., there are several options that can be found legally.

Request your license

It is essential to request the respective business license and the tax or property identification number. This is not only vital to operate formally but also for the tax issue. It also allows you to purchase your supplies and products wholesale, which will represent a significant savings.

Define your prices

You must put a price on the product or products you intend to sell, it is very important to make sure that you will make a profit before you start selling your sweets, be they jams, jellies, etc.

You have to make a list with everything you need to make your product, where you have to include kitchen rental, the place in the market where you plan to sell your product, etc. Once your costs have been determined, then you can assign a profit margin to be able to assign the sale price to your artisan sweets, in detail.

Sales and marketing

You should try to sell your candy initially at local farmers markets, markets, and weekend and holiday fairs. As you are already acquiring a professional profile and your product is good, it will have a great probability of selling well, remember that word of mouth advertising is a great start to self-promote and it is also totally free.

Meet with the managers

This is a fundamental step, talk with the direct and managers of sweets and food stores in general in order to show them and offer them your product, make sure you prepare very well what you are going to say, bring a brochure or letter of presentation of the product, some samples and obviously the business card that you must leave along with the information you will take.

Create a web page

The presence on the Internet for any product today is vital, daily there are thousands of people who look for products such as sweets around the world and you should not miss this potential market, sell your sweets through the website and make a presence on social networks creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google +, among others.

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Give away some samples

An important part of the marketing of your sweets is to give away samples for consumers to try, take samples to fairs, markets and the like so that people can taste them and become familiar with and know your product.

Presentation of the product

It is very important that you get advice to give your product a pleasant, attractive image that, above all, invites you to taste.
These are marketing details that will help your candy to be more easily accepted by the consumer and therefore increase your sales.

Finally, don’t forget that in your artisan candy business, as in any business, a large part of success lies in finding a good balance between production, sales and smart cost management.

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