Starting Your Own Woodworking or Joinery Business

Although carpentry is one of the oldest trades that exist, it is still indispensable for society, we cannot imagine homes or new constructions that do not have wood finishes that complement their design.

But as same as all traditional business, continues to have certain limitations in relation to competition. Next we will explain how to set up a carpentry and how to innovate in the service we provide.

First of all it is necessary at least to have basic knowledge of carpentry, from the type of wood that we will use to how we will work it, reading some books or information on the Internet to update ourselves would be a good help at this stage.

For start our business we will join a small establishment. If we have a space in our house (such as a garage or a patio) we can take advantage of it to start here, saving you the cost of a place, so the initial investment will go to the purchase of wood for our first sample works.

Having a support team for the work will not be essential in the beginning, perhaps with the advancement of time and depending on the amount of work that we have, this becomes necessary. At the beginning we can take advantage of hiring a carpentry technical student by the hour to support us with some tasks in the same way that he improves his technical skills at work.

Basic operation of a Carpentry
The operation of this business Regarding the manufacture of furniture to order, it is summarized in the following steps:

  • Data collection: measurement and customer requirement
  • Design: create the requested model according to the required measurements
  • Fabrication: creation of the model after approval of the design
  • Delivery: final delivery process and / or installation of the furniture

Raw material

Naturally, the raw material used to manufacture furniture is wood, which, thanks to recent advances, can be worked in its different presentations and treatments, which in turn allows the client to offer price options according to their budget.

The flexibility and natural beauty of wood makes it ideal for the manufacture of doors, cabinets, platforms, kitchen cabinets, stairs and an endless number of products of all kinds for different needs.

How do you start getting jobs?

At first it will be a bit difficult to get jobs if we are new to the businessWe can start offering our services to neighbors or acquaintances, we must present a quality work and always punctual so that they will recommend us little by little.

There are also local notice boards or alternative advertising media on which we can advertise.

As an alternative measure and that is being used more and more, we have the portals where services are offered such as Mercado Libre, exposing some basic jobs or our specific skills we can get jobs that will increase our reputation.

Approximate investment
The investment of course varies depending on the size of your project but in general, for the assembly of a medium carpentry and joinery, these are some reference data (prices in USD):

  • Tools and Protective Equipment … $ 1500
  • Initial raw material ……………………… $ 1000
  • Registration and legalization expenses ……….. $ 500
  • Adequacy of the premises ……………………….. $ 900
  • Computer equipment …………………………. $ 700
  • Others…………………………………………. .. $ 900

Initial investment: $ 5500

Using the Internet to increase sales
The Internet continues to be a tool that opens more markets to any type of merchant or entrepreneur who offers a service. Taking advantage of the thousands of free tools that they offer, we can get more sales or customers.

In the case of our carpentry, we will start by setting up a small web page where we will show a catalog with our best works as well as the exact location of our establishment and contact telephone numbers. Let’s try to place the best photographs to be able to impact potential clients.

To consider
In all business It is necessary to be in accordance with the law, let us take advantage and look for the most convenient legal nature for our carpentry. In some countries it is possible to work as a professional and provide receipts for the work provided by paying taxes according to our monthly income.

We can also constitute ourselves as legal entities in simple modalities such as Individual Companies With Limited Liability, approaching a tax entity and making the respective inquiries will help us clear up our doubts.

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