Steps to Boost Your Business Up to 40% Immediately and Economically

1 know your audience

For boost your business, the first step can be a bit tedious, but it is very important for the rest to work. Also, you probably think that you already know your audience or, at least, what they want from your business. But I invite you to take a step further, and go deeper into understanding what your mental process is when buying, recommending, etc.

Guest Author: Ignacio Algorta

How is this accomplished? No hiring expensive market research. That is why in the title I speak of achieving the process economically. So, just go outside, call them, arrange for coffee, write an email. Clients and non-clients. Talk to them, and tell them that you are trying to improve your service, and that is why you are interested in understanding what motivated them to make the purchase -or not-, what was the trigger for the agreement, how you can improve the service, if they would recommend it … and Everything you can think of.

The idea is that you can have a Word file with a list of benefits that people see in your business. I recommend that you segment them according to the degree of knowledge they have of your business: those who listen for the first time and are interested, those who already know it but did not take action, those who showed a particular interest but did not make the purchase decision, and who already did.


Once you have already identified motivations, desires, purchasing processes, the stage of attracting people to it begins. your business website. How? Through good quality content and its distribution. It should be content that you know will be irresistible to your potential audience. The final idea is to invest in attracting an audience that can really pay for your product / service.

Quality content means that it adds value to those who read it, that it is very well written, that position your business on the Google results page, which fulfills the objective of attracting potential customers, and which positions you as an authority in the field you want. It is true that it takes preparation and experience to be really good, and it is difficult to maintain the minimum frequency. There is always the option of hiring someone from outside. Hiring writers can prove to be a very expensive and inefficient service due to poor marketing skills. I recommend ., which with an investment of $ 90 per month offers enough SEO content of very good quality.

But content without distribution is getting nowhere. You should post it on your site, either in the form of a blog or as entries on the home page. Then, take advantage of your social networks to attract by titles or quotes from the content you have published on your site. Consider boosting with Adwords, which increases the reach of SEO. If you don’t want to invest more money, the generated content must have a good enough SEO to generate organic visits.

3.Conversion of your site

We all know that internet browsing is ephemeral and times are minimal. That’s why you can’t afford to lose a visitor to your site forever. There comes the moment of the conversion of your site. This step should also be cheap. It consists of having a Landing Page on your site, which converts visits into Leads (contacts) that leave their email address.

A well-designed landing page offers something valuable and irresistible to the visitor. It is usually a quality piece of content, such as a report, guide, diagnosis or whatever gift, which the visitor only accesses if they deliver their email. This does two things: first, it allows you to build a mailing list that we will use in the next step. Second, it is a natural filter for those visitors that are not relevant to our business.

Hence, it is important that the Landing Page offer is well designed and thought out, as it must fulfill this double function.


Once the mailing list is formed (of course it can always continue to grow), the CRM or customer relationship management stage arrives. It is important to understand that achieving a sale within this list of emails is much more likely and profitable than achieving it outside. They are people who visited our site out of interest in the content we publish to attract, and who also showed interest in the content or gift you offered on your own site.

CRM, in its most basic form, consists of segmenting your email base, in order to make smarter decisions, while allowing you to communicate with potential customers with a message more adjusted to their needs or reality. I recommend a simple to use and inexpensive tool like MailChimp. The key is to take advantage of the same email capture forms on the Landing Page to extract some relevant information. Another more complete option is Salesforce.

A simple example: you sell courses on the internet. You identify two groups of contacts with characteristics in common. One from people who are in the Supermarket industry, and another from people who are unemployed. To the first ones, you send them information about the benefits that your course can provide to a mass consumer professional. In seconds, how your course helps the unemployed to get a job. More effective than sending everyone “X topic course on the internet”, don’t you think?

5.close the sale

Without a doubt, the most difficult stage. But the most profitable too. In the same CRM process, you will begin to identify followers that are more participatory and interested in what you propose. Either you identify in your Analytics that they are visiting your blog constantly, or they have made direct inquiries.

There begins the magic of closing the sale. Offer something irresistible to finalize the business. If necessary, send him a personalized report of the benefits you see from your service in his business. Or ask for a meeting and make the sale in person. Create a sense of opportunity or urgency. Tell him that this month you offer a discount, that if he hires you at that time you will also do a complementary service for free, or that he take advantage of whatever you can think of that is convenient during that moment. No one can do this step better than you, who already know the business.

6.Measure the process

Finally, do the math: how much does an average client in your business? What percentage of visits to your site are converted into leads or contacts? How many of them end up buying your service? Ready! You already know the amount of money you can invest in attracting customers to your business, with the certainty that you will have a measurable return on that investment.