Steps to start a real estate

Many naively believe that put a real estate it comes down to the simple fact of establishing contacts between owners and potential real estate buyers thus obtaining juicy commissions.

However, it involves much more than this and while the real estate broker profession It is quite hard work, it can also be the beginning of a lucrative career in this business segment.

A real estate company in fact, it provides different services whose success is based on the skills of the real estate brokers also called Realtors o Brokers with some specific differences who advise both buyers and sellers in the process of purchase-sale of real estate.

In the first part of this post we will talk about the work of the real estate brokers and the skills that must be developed to achieve great business:

  1. Sales skills: a realtor must be a sales expert, with the ability to persuade its clients to make the right decisions regarding when and where to buy or sell according to market demands.
  2. Persistence: A broker is a persistent, hard-working, tireless person who dedicates many hours a day to find the right customer. He is constantly in communication with colleagues in the profession who will provide him with contacts and eventually will be his collaborators to ensure best deals.
  3. Agility to link contacts: As the name of the profession suggests, real estate brokers They are constantly running around, showing properties, finding out about potential buyers, analyzing the competition and always obtaining the best benefits for their clients. Your phone is your work tool and agility is essential for the success of your business.
  4. Are Patients: The real estate sales consultants they don’t have a specific schedule. They also do not have stipulated rest days as they are always available when the client requires them or when the client has time available. Their work is highly flexible and their winning spirit makes them patient and stealthy enough to know that sooner or later they will go out of business. They have a lot of faith in the work they do and they never give up.
  5. Spirit of Service. The best brokers know that only those who know how to serve win in this business. People are not willing to risk their money on investments that are not worth it and will place their trust only in those professionals who know how to transmit confidence and a spirit of service in the work they do.
  6. They are self-motivated: The Realtors Successful people know that business is not always achieved or is not always closed in the desired conditions. Sometimes it gets lost too and when a lot of time has been spent serving a client and providing all the necessary advice, this can be a cheap blow. But a good runner never lets himself be defeated by these kinds of everyday situations. They are constantly reading books, learning something new, overcoming obstacles, improving their techniques, and looking for new opportunities. BR’s great runners know that their greatness comes from within.

It is a fact that this profession in the long run can bring enormous satisfactions both financially and personally since close good deals and enjoying the fact of housing a family are very rewarding experiences.

However, not everyone has the stamina to survive in this job. To think that it is easy and that with only dedicating a few hours a week they will soon be traveling in cars of the year is the greatest illusion that can exist.

So the first step in the project to put your own real estate is to know about the job of a broker or real estate agent, have experience in the field or be willing to find the best Realtors on the market, which is not an easy or “cheap” task. In the second part we will delve into the functions of a real estate company and how to prepare your business plan to conform it.


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