Steps to Start a Startup

For those who are less familiar with the concept of a startup company, we could say that this term defines a business model that has to do with the development of small companies with high growth potential.

This feature, of course, makes them especially attractive to investors looking for young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to support them and transform them into big business.

Regularly startup companies, mostly have to do with technological ideas due to the fact that in some way, they represent concepts of web-based services and products that require much less initial investment and that, with the correct investment in the medium term, can become millionaire businesses.

Of course, the game, to put it this way, consists of the creation of business idea and in building the platform to launch it and attract the eyes of the Angel Investors. The most recent examples of this type of startup are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, which are known to all to have become large businesses in a matter of months.


So, if you are one of those who have many technological ideas, imagine new products, services or concepts that could be innovated on the web, these are some suggestions for start a Start-up:

  1. Define your concept. This must be based on an idea on which the project will have to be shaped.
  2. Stay motivated and enthusiastic. Generally startups are based on proposals that do not exist or improvements to existing concepts. Hence, it is very likely that at the beginning there are not many who support you and encourage you to continue. In fact, most likely there are many people who tell you that “it will not work”. Still, keep going, keep your spirits high, and don’t faint until you see some light from potential in your business.
  3. Make a plan. The best tool to stay calm and not lose the objective is precisely to guide yourself by a plan. Write on paper what you want to achieve with your project and put your ideas and the steps you will take on it. Set goals, dates, and include a list of key contacts to help you reach your goal.
  4. Keep your idea simple. Part of the success of many companies that started as startups is precisely that they were built on simple, practical and attractive ideas that captivate the consumer. So don’t get confused or pretend to invent the new Internet.
  5. Be original and excellent. If you have a good idea, it is very likely that there are those who want to copy it. This should not discourage you. On the contrary, the key to excel is to implement it excellently, even better than your competitors.
  6. Learn from your mistakes. As in any business, mistakes often provide the best lessons. So be prepared to recover quickly from failures and continue with greater force in the development of your project.
  7. Innovating is the secret. Finding a virgin market is a utopia. So remember that whatever you do there will already be someone who has tried it before. In addition you will also meet the monsters that have the domain. With all this, go ahead and try to find points of opportunity where you can enter doing things better than what others have done. Remember that 16-year-old Michael Dell dreamed of being IBM’s competition when the latter was a $ 650 million company. Today, Dell Computers is the No. 1 selling computer company in the world.
  8. Your team is decisive. The value of an idea is as great as the capacity of the team that develops it. Your confidence must be in your team and in the desire to achieve it.
  9. Create a business model. If you have the idea and the team of people, now strategically fit everything into a model that allows you to achieve what you want and that consists of attracting the eyes of the big investors that turn your startup into a business of great proportions.
  10. Your greatest capital, you are yourself. Starting a business with thousands of dollars in your pocket is the dream of every entrepreneur. Having the unconditional support of the government is to continue dreaming. So, start with what you have, a big dream, your ability, your ideas, your time and energy. Gather some pesos to buy some hardware, pay for hosting, invest in programming hours or any other appropriate resource for your project. Save every penny you can and remember that many like Google, Ebay, Amazon and Yahoo started in the garages of their homes.
  11. It grows slowly. Once you start, you will be on your way. Don’t pretend that in 3 months the people of Microsoft or Google want to pay you millions of dollars for your idea. It grows gradually. Take the time to refine your business concept and constantly make the adjustments that lead you to be better. Wanting to run will only lead to frustration. Remember that all good things come, but they must come step by step.
So these are the preliminary steps to bring your startup. As you can see, 80% at the beginning consists of dedicating time and many hours of work. So you should always research, learn and try tirelessly until you get there.

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