Strategies To Attract Many Customers And Fill Your Restaurant

Strategies To Attract Many Customers And Fill Your Restaurant

If you have a restaurant or are seriously thinking of opening one in the short term and want to get many customers, in this post I will tell you how you can do it.

Promoting your business to increase sales can be easier than you think if you follow the tips and use the tools that I will give you below. [post actualizado]

To start you should know that for money and business to meet, it is important to always do a good job of marketing and better if this is a good combination of online and offline strategies.

In fact, today to be successful in the restaurant business, it is not enough that your place is well located or that you offer good dishes to customers. Especially since the competition is usually voracious and very aggressive.

It is also essential that you have excellent service as part of your winning strategy, but above all it is essential to have a good gastronomic marketing plan.

These are 5 keys that will help you achieve a better return on your investment in your restaurant business:

1. Strengthen Your Restaurant Branding

If something is important in the food business is the image. We have always said: “what looks good sells well“and this is 100% valid for restaurants.

But beyond the quality of the food, branding is decisive. The colors of your restaurant, your logo, the uniforms of your staff, the atmosphere and your online presence all contribute to strengthening a brand that sells.

To create this branding, it is advisable to consult an expert to guide you to create that selling image that guarantees your success.

2. Promote your Restaurant on Social Networks

The trend of every businessman and the most common for promoting his business is through traditional media such as radio, newspapers, magazines and even TV.

However, they are no longer exactly the best especially because they are usually expensive means and that nowadays are not available to every entrepreneur, especially for those who start.

The most effective alternative to do this is through the Internet and social networks.

Very simple. The digital age has led us to new consumer paradigms in which people search and compare on the Internet before heading to our premises.

Today, most people with money to eat at restaurants use the Web to make their choices, so it’s time to put your plan in motion and create an Internet Marketing strategy.

The most used options for doing digital marketing that you should use are:

  • Videos on Youtube
  • Create your fanpage on Facebook
  • Google through Google Adwords ads
  • Facebook through Facebook Ads ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Add your business on Google Maps

You must create communities of followers to whom you direct specific offers and make them become your advertising.

I recommend that you not start paid campaigns until you have a good value content strategy in such a way that they attract your brand’s followers and help you position yourself in their minds.

3. Attract Customers with Special Promotions

So that your restaurant can have a good influx of people it is often convenient to understand the target or target audience or create one.

Some examples of sales promotions that attract new customers are: offers, menus with discounts, coupons, free tickets, raffles or loyalty cards.

Creating promotions on special occasions works very well. For example, for Mother’s Day, for anniversary celebrations or special seasons like Christmas, they work very well.

When launching new promotions, do not forget to use social networks to promote and publicize the news.

4. Promote Your Restaurant with Prints and Brochures

A traditional but still functional way of promote your businessIt is through the distribution of brochures or flyers in places with a large influx of people or windshields of cars parked in places that are close to your restaurant.

Attractive designs and promotions get people interested. The secret of this type of advertising is the quality of the image. You should post photos of food that you create craving and need.

5. Word of mouth advertising

Finally, the best advertising strategy of all and the one that provides the fastest results is the promotion made by your satisfied customers.

This proven good reputation can translate into a lot of money.

Word of mouth advertising is a very effective type of marketing because your customers are already aware that your restaurant is very good because someone they trust recommended it to them.

With this strategy you don’t have to spend money on marketing campaigns but you do need a lot of care to build it because a good reputation takes time.

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