Strategies to Sell More

Except for one, which many times usually leave the last one. A very important aspect: how will you sell your products? How will your customers know what you are offering? How do you ensure that your business is known? This fundamental part of your business is called:

And is that regardless of the size of your company, sales strategy It has to do with the set of ideas and techniques that you will use so that your prospects know about your product. This group of people you need to reach is often called by marketers as: target market the target.

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    How To Sell A Product in 2021 - 5 Practical Strategies To Sell Anything

“In fact, 70% of your effective time should be invested in looking for new clients. Ultimately they are the ones who will sustain your business. The other 30% can then calmly dedicate themselves to attending and improving administrative, productive processes and other activities.”

At this point you may be wondering how propose this sales strategy especially if you don’t have salesmanship qualities. If this is your case, do not worry, remember that a entrepreneur it is precisely that, a person capable of finding solutions and alternatives to carry out his business.

Here are some suggestions to get started:

Set sales goals. Project your strategy in the short, medium and long term that allows you to work on goals. It is not enough to want to sell, you must set objective and numerical goals that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your promotion and sales resources. For example, if your business is selling encyclopedias, your sales goals should be something like: Sell 50 units a year for a value of $ 50,000 dollars. This translates to 5 units per month. And this value should be divided by the number of people that make up your sales team.

Establish what resources you will need to meet your sales goal. Once your goals have been defined, the next step is to determine how much resources (human and financial) you will need to achieve those goals. You must establish in your budget, how much money you need to invest monthly in promotion and advertising to publicize your product and attract potential buyers to sell (according to the example) those 50 units a year.

Review your progress monthly. As part of a regular process, you should track your progress each month. If, for example, you have 3 sellers and each one has a goal of selling 2 units per month, then you should verify that they are meeting this objective. Of course, this involves contemplating the equipment to your salespeople so that they know the product and have the preparation to sell it. As well as all the important aspects for them to reach their part of the goal on a monthly basis. This monthly evaluation will allow you to determine the actions to take depending on the behavior of the market.

Resources at Your Reach

your sales strategyAdditionally, it should consider the use of some resources such as:

Market study. This consists of the application of different marketing techniques to determine what your customer is looking for, where to locate it, what is their consumption behavior and other important factors to finally be able to sell them. If you want to know how to easily do a market study, you can click here.

Advertising. Advertising is a very useful tool to attract the attention of your client. As you know, there are many advertising media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, Internet, Facbook, etc., some more expensive than others and therefore more effective than others. However, it is proven that an expensive medium does not necessarily represent a increase in sales itself. The way the message is transmitted and the details that revolve around your product or service is very important for the strategy to be complete. That is why it is advisable to consult an advertising agency that can help you choose the right medium and use it effectively so that the benefit is reflected not only in sales but also in profits.

Business Contacts. They have to do with the entire human environment that you have to strengthen and publicize your company. The business contacts they can help you get better prices and therefore reduce costs, obtain benefits in consultancies, make strategic alliances, obtain shared training and equipment, etc. If you want to find contacts in your area or make your company known, use our business contact register here.

Public relations. Additionally, it is usually used as part of the strategy, to publicize your company in the different media such as local newspapers, television, etc. To do this, you can prepare a document known as a “press release” that you can send to the media with relevant information about your company or product and that they could eventually take into account to provide you with a space that attracts the attention of potential consumers.

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