Tattoo and Piercing Business

If you think of a nfashion ego as controversial as it is interesting and at the same time profitable, this is the tattoo and piercing business.

Whether for cultural, spiritual or aesthetic reasons, tattoo printing and Body Piercing are in increasing demand and this, together with a series of complementary items, can represent a very attractive business opportunity.

Of course, knowledge, experience and the use of the appropriate tools are essential for the safe performance of this kind of services.

Deal: Tattoo and Piercing Company

Business Description:
Basically the aesthetic tattoo service is offered on the body of different kinds and variants. Likewise, the piercing of the body and placement of jewelry at the request of the client.

Target market:
Especially aimed at teenagers and young adults who wish to get a tattoo or body piercing, regularly between the ages of 18 and 35. Additionally it is considered as potential market to all young people or schoolchildren who, due to their age, do not have parental authorization to get a tattoo but who in the medium term could be interested in the service.

Business Location:
It is recommended to open the business in a sector with high traffic of people and especially young people, preferably in a popular shopping center. Ideally, this class of businesses are very profitable in tourist areas.

Depending on the location of the premises, the main competitors must be located in the same geographical area and the catalog of services they provide, prices and professionalism of the same must be determined.

Business Management and Operation:
Ideally, the business should be managed and operated in a professional, strictly hygienic and clean manner to inspire confidence in customers which is a determining value for its success. There should be specialists in both tattoo and piercing.
It is also important that the jewelry pieces are properly sterilized and have a kit for emergency care.

Under no circumstances is it recommended to consider this deal if not by people with the proper training and knowledge to offer the services.

Possible risks:
Due to the role of the business in question, the potential risks lie in the possible medical emergencies that could arise either due to the inadequate application of the procedures when tattooing and piercing or because the physical conditions of the client are not adequate. Reason why you should always have a strategy to deal with emergencies.

Estimated Initial Investment:
Approximately US $ 10,000 to invest in premises, materials, deposits, legal procedures, sanitary procedures, furniture, salaries and operating expenses to sustain the business during the first 3 months.

Estimated Monthly Fixed Expenses:
The monthly operating expenses round the $ 1000 dollars between the rent of premises, salaries, purchase of jewelry and services.

Source of Initial Capital:
It is recommended to start with funds contributed by partners and business owners.

Approximate Profit:
Depending on the promotion and marketing strategies In the sector, an approximate monthly profit of between $ 400 to $ 900 is estimated. Increasing these in holiday seasons and doubling if the place is located in a tourist sector.

Strategic Aspects:
We can summarize 2 fundamental aspects for the success of this business.

  1. First is hygiene and professionalism that convey confidence to the consumer.
  2. Regarding jewelry, it is essential to have pieces of excellent quality and exclusive to satisfy the demanding taste of customers.

Final Considerations:
The present business plan is a reference document offered to readers of 1000 Business Ideas As such, of course, as in any business there are many specific factors for each case and for each proposal that must be evaluated, analyzed and raised in detail and it is finally the entrepreneur who has the power to decide how, when and how intelligently you invest your capital. If it is useful to you or you want to provide some additional useful detail, I would love you to share a comment.


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