Test Your Management Skills With This Business Simulator

Test Your Management Skills With This Business Simulator

If you ever wanted to prove how good you are at setting up and running a company, today I bring you an interesting and fun proposal: a virtual game for entrepreneurs.

The perfect tool to measure your managerial skills in a practical and entertaining way that consists of a simulator of situations that can occur in the company and that offers you a (fictitious) measurement of your acting as a company director.

As the game itself describes it:

Is a business simulator to reflect on the various situations that can occur in the process of growing a business.

During the development of the game you will be able to measure how your decisions influence the operation and future of the company.

It is accompanied by different meters that will allow you to perceive the success of your management in terms of time, income, market impact, social climate and human resources.

At the end, you will receive a grade that considers the previous points and will give you an idea of ​​how you have managed the company.

The virtual game is courtesy of Fundación Bancaja.

I assure you that like me, you will surely have fun and discover interesting skills that you have or that you should improve when launching your own business.

Play now and check your business skills [clic acá].

About Fundación Bancaja

The Bancaja Foundation, the Valencian Community Foundation, is a private non-profit institution created in 2013 with the aim of giving continuity to Bancaja’s Obra Social, as well as the activity of Monte de Piedad in Valencia.

The mission of Fundación Bancaja consists of contributing to the progress of people and of Valencian society through the social use of culture; paying special attention to the most vulnerable groups; through the sustainable exploitation of its artistic and real estate heritage; following the tradition that gave rise to it with the creation of Monte de Piedad; thus guaranteeing the conservation and enhancement of its heritage; and promoting social integration and cohesion of the Valencian Community society through culture, supporting the development of individual and collective capacities.

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