The Importance of Packaging Your Product

The Importance of Packaging Your Product

The packaging of a product plays a very important role both for transport purposes and for presentation to the client and therefore each product requires a different type of packaging according to its own physical characteristics, fragility and useful life.

Packaging is said to be a kind of “silent salesman”Because it projects an image that your client will perceive of it on the shelf. Hence, selecting the right type of packaging for your product is essential for it to be kept in excellent condition, as failure to do so can result in damage and loss that can seriously affect your business.

In the market there is a diversity of packaging materials among which you will have to choose the one that best suits your transport needs and price. According to Rajapack, a company specialized in the field, some of the systems with the most demand are:

Metal packaging: its main characteristic is the altar resistance, which allows them to withstand rough handling and high stowage. Ideal for some foods especially because it contributes to conservation.

Paper packaging: Its main characteristic is that it is recyclable as well as its flexibility that allows easy handling.

Cardboard packaging: Due to its own characteristics, it is one of the most used materials in the industry. Their strength and price are surely the most attractive, but also the fact that they can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes and that cardboard boxes are very easy to store when empty.

Wooden packaging: an excellent material, very robust that can also be easily reusable, however, by its nature, in some countries there may be restrictions on the use of this material.

Plastic Packaging: usually very easy to transport and clean but it must be taken into consideration that polyethylene requires a special process for reuse. They withstand shocks and handling very well.

Finally, it is said that a good packaging system to be efficient must meet 3 fundamental characteristics that we should not overlook:

  • Be easy to operate
  • Provide proper cargo protection
  • It must be environmentally friendly
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