The logo of your company, an impact tool

At the time of create a company you should think about how you want your customers to visualize and remember you. And what better way to achieve it than through a logo.

A logo is another of those tools of corporate impact that used strategically can have very positive effects for your business.

It is said that a picture says more than a thousand words. And in the corporate world this is totally true. your logo it is precisely that figure that becomes the center of your corporate image and that instantly transmits what you are and what you want to be for your clients.

The logo represents a visual fusion of your identity, your professionalism and your commitment to your customers.

Choose or create a logo That it identifies you from the beginning is extremely important because it will be printed on all your documents: business cardss, cover letters, advertising material, website, etc. But more importantly, your logo should be imprinted on your heart because remember, your company is your dream and your search for the Financial Freedom.

For choose a good logo You can help yourself with a friend who is a graphic designer, or use one of the free tools that we describe at the end of this post. But more than the purely technical design, or that the logo is beautiful, to be impressive and effective it is important that you consider some of these suggestions:

  1. Differentiating factor. Think about how or what sets your company apart from the competition.
  2. Be creative and look for ideas. where ? Well, everywhere, in the logos of the best companies in the world. In commercials, everywhere. I’m not talking about copying but about imagining.
  3. Write it all down. Write down all the proposals that come to your mind so that you can transmit them to your designer. Explaining clearly what you are looking for is important to obtain a good graphic result.
  4. Get out of the mold. Don’t do what everyone else does and don’t copy. Dare to be creative and very innovative.
  5. Choose a set of colors. Colors are a determining part of your corporate image. Choose a main color and a set of colors that represent who you are. For example, green colors reflect calm and peace, while red can represent passion and determination. Bright colors represent joy while dark colors can convey seriousness, formality and commitment. A white represents honesty and a black can mean many things but finally your logo will represent you and your company.
  6. Play between simplicity and creativity. Simple can be great, and many people prefer simple because it can be easy to remember. Imagine the Nike logo or the Pepsi logo. Without detracting from creative talent, their success is based on the fact that they are “singles”.

Many companies give little importance to the logo. Others give you too much and may even make the mistake of thinking that a good logo will do all the work for them. My opinion is that a logo is another of those elements that together can make the difference between good companies and tremendously successful companies.

Also, when your company starts and few know about it, maybe your logo is only that complementary tool that “helps” to build a great image. But over time, good work, good products, extraordinary customer service, added value, and an aggressive sales strategy make your logo worth more and therefore add even more. commercial value to your business.

Google, my favorite example.
I remember that about 12 years ago, when Google was not yet the company monster that it is today, I saw in a magazine its logo (the same one they currently use) accompanying a news item that occupied just a small corner of the page and made reference to the potential of this promising new search engine. I immediately went to the Internet to see how it worked. I still remember the logo in that magazine. That is business impact.

Finally, I invite you to read my article on How to Create a Slogan that Sells! I am sure it will be very useful to complement the creation of your logo. In addition, I share these 3 pages in which you can create a logo totally free and in a few minutes:

And does your business already have a logo? Does your product have a logo? Today is a good day to start working on them. Have a great week.

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