The Lucrative Beauty Business, 35 Entrepreneurship Ideas

The Lucrative Beauty Business, 35 Entrepreneurship Ideas

It is no secret to anyone that beauty is a lucrative business that moves billions of dollars a year. And unlike other businesses, it has survived economic crises.

And how should it be if everyone wants to look better and look younger, almost without sparing the price. So today I share you 35 startup ideas in this profitable business.

The range of products and services is very wide and that is good because it will allow you to find an alternative that matches your purposes, knowledge and investment capacity:

  1. Waxing or other innovative methods
  2. Acne treatments and scar removal
  3. Tattoo and body piercing business
  4. Weight reduction clinic
  5. Cosmetic clinic that includes several services
  6. Relaxing massages
  7. Reductive massages
  8. Sale and distribution of weight reduction products
  9. Nutritionist clinic
  10. Esthetics and beauty parlor with the usual services
  11. Executive beauty salon
  12. Acrylic Nail Application
  13. Application of false eyelashes
  14. Professional makeup artist for weddings
  15. Sale of perfumery
  16. Manufacture and sale of makeup products
  17. Sale of rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle products
  18. Sale of cosmetics by catalog
  19. Manufacture and sale of wigs
  20. Makeup courses
  21. Permanent hair removal
  22. Eyebrow waxing
  23. Minor plastic surgeries
  24. Major corrective surgeries
  25. Botox application to eliminate fine lines
  26. Wholesale distributor of cosmetic products
  27. Aesthetic and clinical manicure and pedicure
  28. Manufacture and sale of aromatic soaps and scents
  29. Image and style advisor
  30. Online cosmetic accessories store
  31. Gym and SPA
  32. Barber Shop
  33. Distribution of reducing girdles
  34. Placement of breast and buttock implants
  35. Aesthetic medicine and dentistry clinic

To properly plan the setting up your business I recommend you follow the following suggestions:

  • Prepare a market study to meet your potential clients in the sector.
  • And you rent a placeMake sure it is a visible, busy place and that the rent is moderate and according to your budget. Read 10 reasons why you don’t need a business premises.
  • Determine the equipment you will need and establish it in your budget to quote and get the best prices.
  • Look for the best providers both in quality and price and payment facilities.
  • Base your business on an excellent customer serviceRemember that especially in this business segment, people tend to be very demanding.
  • Develop a very youthful and modern image for your business in order to make it attractive to your potential clients.
  • If possible, combine some of these services with home delivery to expand your market.

You can click on the following link if you want to know in detail how to prepare a business plan and be successful.

Note: It is important that for some types of businesses such as plastic surgeries, implant placement and the like, professional medical certification is of course required. It is not convenient that you try to perform any procedure without the respective medical license.

Other ideas to undertake:

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