The most successful manager of the 20th century reveals his secrets

Throughout his twenty years as President of General Electric multiplied forty times the commercial value of the company making it the most valuable and admired in the world.

Broke countless sales records, made at least 600 successful acquisitions and is said to have laid off more than 100,000 employees.

Chosen by Fortune Magazine as the manager of the twentieth century for his extraordinary leadership and capacity for innovation, Jack Welch, ex-presidente de General Electric is a character who seems to know perfectly all the secrets of success.

  • Consider that the talent of your employees is your greatest asset. It is said that he knew the name and position of at least a thousand of his collaborators. However, when making decisions, he was firm and determined, having reduced from 411,000 to 300,000 employees in 5 years.
  • Its philosophy is based on seeing its employees grow and turn them into great leaders in such a way that they reach earn more money than you ever imagined.
  • His focus was on improving training strategies, compensation systems and retention of the best employees.
  • Welch always works tirelessly and his only objective was to make his company the most dynamic and competitive.
  • About mistakes think that they must be committed and corrected. He says: “if you don’t go out onto the battlefield you can’t win“.
  • As it is described “I am a person focused on tomorrow, never on yesterday
  • Jack doesn’t believe in spending too much time on strategy but in the importance of having a Overview and work after it.
  • Believe in restructuring and always establishes new and risky methods
  • Hates bureaucracy
  • As part of your management style each year he fired the 10% of the worst performing Managers and made sure to compensate with bonuses and equity participation the 20% of the best
  • Jack Welch has turned his name into a brand synonymous with leadership and success. (See the power of personal marketing)
  • Those who know him describe him as a charismatic and simple man but at the same time a great communicator, a fan of golf, cinema and TV series
  • Remember her mother always told her “you can get to heaven
  • He’s reading all the time and his favorites are business books

Jack Welch, at 45, became the Youngest and most successful CEO ever by leading the company founded by the genius inventor Tomás Alba Edison in an outstanding way. For this and much more, Welch is a leader from whom we definitely have a lot to learn.

Do not forget that the leader depends on others to succeed. You will only be as good as your subordinates, you can’t do anything without them. Also another advantage of hiring talented people is that this way we make sure that things change. Yesterday’s manager’s mindset was to accept compromise and keep things orderly, which tends to produce complacency. Tomorrow’s leaders, on the other hand, formulate problems, debate them, solve them. They are not afraid to go against the current current because they know that their present is tomorrow, and they take sides with a vision of what business can be.”

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