The New Higher Paying Professions Thanks to the Internet

The Internet is changing the world and this is not a secret. Web 2.0 with its increasingly ambitious concepts makes undertake on the Internet be a very profitable alternative to explore.

The stories of the new millionaires on the net make more and more people yearn for have your own internet business. This growing wave of virtual entrepreneurs has given rise to new highly paid professions and specialties to meet this demand, and which are not learned at the University (… at least not yet).

These are some of the new higher paid professions thanks to the Internet:

Social Media Strategists: They are responsible for the implementation of a project in social networks, they are the experts in user behavior and they manage the processes related to the content.

Bloggers: Expert writers in various subjects who specialize and create communities around their subject. Some bloggers have come to form blogging networks with incomes in excess of $ 12,000 per month. While Hispanic bloggers can average $ 6000 per month.

Social Media Analyst: Eminently technical profile. In charge of interpreting metrics related to strategy and results in social media. They are usually incorporated into large projects because, failing that, their functions can be assumed by a Social Media Manager.

Developers: They are usually Programmers with high knowledge of social applications and mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

SEO experts: Consultants specialized in search engine optimization and positioning strategies (SEO). They are strategists who are knowledgeable about the different algorithms of search engines and are in charge of adapting the structure of web pages so that they are prioritized by search engines.

Webmasters: Responsible for the programming, assembly and subsequent technical administration of a website or a complete system on the network.

Community Manager: usually the person who is in charge of creating, managing and energizing a community of users in social media or on the Internet. He works closely with the strategist in social networks, but his function is to maintain communication with the members of a social network and expand it.

Web designer: They are usually expert designers with the ability to adapt their technical skills to the development of virtual projects.

These experts usually work as freelancers and can average monthly income in excess of $ 12,000, depending on their experience and knowledge. Of course, there are other more specialized professions that could be described by different technical names and that have to do with the level of knowledge related to their function.

So if you are considering becoming freelance on the internet, you can start learning about these professions until you become an expert working from home and earning money … while you sleep.

Plus business ideas for freelancers:

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    Thank You 6000 Subscribers Internet Income Gift For You Life Time Career Opportunity Online Industry
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