The phenomenal story of Youtube

The phenomenal story of Youtube

At 1000 Business Ideas we believe in creativity and the power of transform ideas into dollars.

Today, as a sample of this premise I want to share with you the phenomenal and extraordinary Youtube story, one of the websites that joins the large companies that were born in a garage and that today are multi-million dollar businesses.

Tell the story that back in 2005 Chad Hurley y Steve Chen they were invited to a Valentine’s Day party somewhere in California. They had both been Paypal employees and knew many of the attendees.

In the middle of the celebration, the person in charge of filming the video complained about how difficult and complicated it was to take the shots and then share them with those interested on the web. The man showed a need for share videos with people over the internet. Chad and Steve discovered in this statement one of the business opportunities that would transform his life.

Weeks later, they met in the garage of Hurley’s house with Jawed Karim, a friend of theirs and a computer expert to give shape to the idea and begin the construction of a website that would facilitate uploading videos and sharing them through the network. . This is how Youtube was born.

The rest is history …

  • Youtube quickly became the world’s leading video portal
  • Just 2 years after its creation in 2005, they had an average of 30 million visitors per month and broadcast approximately 100 million videos daily.
  • In 2006 Google began to compete in this segment with Google Video but it does not manage to surpass Youtube recognizing that they had a superior share of the market
  • In 2007 Google decides to buy YouTube for 1.3 billion Euros from Hurley and Chad
  • Both owners are hired by Google together with their 65 employees to continue operating the portal independently.

And what ideas do you have? How much do you value them?

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