The Photography That Leaves Us Speechless

This photograph was chosen as the best of the year 1987 by National Geographic.

Dr. Zbigniew Religa is viewing the patient’s vital signs at the time of the photo, after 23 hours of surgery; the assistant in the back corner is resting after an extremely difficult day.

Dr. Religa was a pioneer in heart transplantation in Poland, despite the fact that the operation was considered extreme and impossible at the time, Dr. Religa gathered his team and performed this surgery successfully.

Despite the fact that in February 2015 Dr. Religa’s heart stopped beating, the patient who received the transplant himself continued beating. In the image you can see the feeling it transmits, the fatigue of a non-stop work for 23 hours to save a human life.

There simply are not enough words to describe this photograph.

Taken from: #Latinentrepreneur

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