The power of personal marketing

The power of personal marketing

A few weeks ago we learned with amazement and admiration that the Real Madrid soccer club had negotiated the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo for a value of no less than 94 million euros!

And that exorbitant amount leads us to an obligatory question: What is it that makes a player like Cristiano have a commercial value of that dimension? What have you done to earn a salary of 9 million euros a year?
More than just playing soccer, the answer is Marketing Personal.

“We pay it because it’s worth it. We pay it because it returns that money, and returns it with interest. In other words, players in this category make our sponsors, our television contracts, our contracts with sportswear increase dramatically. ” Florentino Perez (President of FC Real Madrid)

It is said that Cristiano Ronaldo He comes from a humble working-class neighborhood on the island of Madeira in Portugal. And although his dynamism and speed for soccer were evident since he was a child, he even needed special assistance because he was considered a “street kid.”

However, the extraordinary factors that make Cristiano an exceptional player worthy of being considered by the big clubs as a highly profitable option are:

  • Constantly develop your skills. One of its great characteristics and that has to do with the primary purpose of its commercial value is its commitment to continuous improvement. Tremendously skilled and very fast are qualities that perfectly define him as a footballer.
  • Take maximum care of your personal image. At 24, Cristiano has developed his own very defined personal image. Attractive to children, youth and especially to the ladies, his elegant personality on and off the court makes major brands interested in making him part of their advertising.
  • He does things in a spectacular way. If there is something that increases the market value of a person or an organization is to do what they do in an extraordinary way. And in this Cristiano is an expert. His spectacular game and his impressive plays make everyone enjoy and pay to see a game where he plays, on any team.
  • Does not conform. He was never willing to accept a mediocre position. If there is something better to fight for, Cristiano goes for it. Conceited and arrogant is how some describe it.
  • Disciplined. Discipline on the court, on the team, in training and in his life is one of his greatest qualities.
  • Perfectionist. He is a specialist in direct shots and his medium distance shot is one of the most accurate. He has also developed special techniques such as his shot of “dry folha”.
  • You have created your own personal brand. Cristiano Ronaldo is a brand. A brand that translates into elegance, fast football, effectiveness and talent. Unlike other big players, he has created a clothing line with his own logo: CR7. Line that is marketed by her sisters.
  • The team concept is perfectly clear. If something has given CR value, it is that he is a team player and his teammates consider him that way. The true value of marketing personal is to understand that we are part of something great as important as everything that surrounds us.

As a complementary data, Crsitiano already has commercial contracts signed with eight marks: Nike, Banco Espíritu Santo, Coca Cola, FIFA Street 2, Extra Joss, Fuji, Pepe Jeans and Castrol.

Anyone can develop a personal marketing strategy and thus increase its own commercial value. Would you like to be paid more? A raise of salary ? A better position? ¿ Better deals ? You can do it, I suggest you start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What do your bosses see in you? and what do you want them to see?
  • What kind of personality do you project?
  • How do you dress? For success or for failure?
  • How you talk ? Do you speak well about yourself and your achievements or is your future a black cloud of uncertainty?
  • How much are you investing in yourself to improve your business value? (seminars, books, courses, etc.)
  • What is your level of excellence in what you do? Perfectionist or conformist?
  • Do you work as a team or are you a lone ranger?

Today you can start working on your own brand. And the best thing about personal marketing is that it essentially depends on one person: yourself.
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