The Rich Invest in Their Mind

The Rich Invest in Their Mind

A few days ago I attended the Robin Sharma seminar, a prestigious and recognized international motivator and speaker.

The event was nothing short of extraordinary and I refreshed myself on some of the leadership principles that I know and that it is always good that someone else remembers you.

All formidable, however there was something outside the main context of the seminar that caught my attention tremendously and that contributed to me. important lessons about wealth that I share with you today.

The Rich Invest in their Mind.
The seminar took place on a Thursday night. My first surprise was finding hundreds of entrepreneurs and managers of large companies right there at 8 at night. Eager to feed your mind, the seminar was witnessed by over a thousand people who attended. Most of them elegant and classy people who paid an average of $ 80 dollars to listen to the 90-minute talk of Robin Sharma.

I wondered: where are the poor people? Where are those who most need to hear these messages? The answer is more than obvious. Except for a few, most people are home at night, watching television, reading the newspaper, or perhaps sleeping. But the rich, they were there. Filling your mind and spirit with powerful, positive messages that enhance your abilities to the maximum.

Then I understood that one of the great differences between rich and poor it resides in the way they spend their time and money, which in the long run turns into more time and more money.

The Rich Involve Their Children
Another detail that I noticed and that struck me was the fact that I saw many young people and adolescents at the seminary. Some came with their parents. I loved the idea of ​​seeing them arrive in a formal suit and tie which great and successful entrepreneurs. I was struck by a group of 3 young people who averaged 15 years at least. Totally involved in the talk and with the best posture I have ever seen.

The first thought that crossed my mind was “how I would have loved to be in these at age 15”. But before it gave way to a bad feeling, a more powerful one reached my neurons: “my children have the opportunity today” and it … depends on me.

The rich involve their children. It was wonderful to see teenagers in line waiting for Robin Sharma to sign a book that of course they were sure to read. A lesson that I never want to erase from my mind. Involve your children in what you do. I’m not talking about forcing them, I’m talking about inspiring them.

The Rich Enjoy the Moment
When I got to the convention center, those 1,100 people were greeted at the entrance of the hall with glasses of wine and sodas. The atmosphere was such that you could breathe the enthusiasm in the people. What an extraordinary place, I thought. Everyone seemed to walk swiftly from place to place with only one goal: to get the best place to listen to the lecture. They were actually enjoying the moment.

The Rich Read, The Poor Watch TV.
Finally, at the entrance to the room there were tables with hundreds of books. You could barely get close because people were buying books like they were going to run out. I saw ladies come out with 3 or 4 books in their arms as if they had found the greatest treasure. I saw young people go out with a book and entrepreneurs go out with their own. And then I understood that the rich read, are educated and grow every day.

And all of this reminded me that there is a big difference between doing successful business, and successful people doing business.

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