The Round Business of Soccer Academies

The Round Business of Soccer Academies

Sporting passion represents ridiculously unimaginable income for entrepreneurs.

It is not a secret that sport attracts a lot of money, but beyond that, within this exciting world there is a magic word that awakens the greatest possibilities and that leads to profitable business niches, that is:Soccer!

As such, the beautiful sport or soccer football is number one in the world in terms of fans and this without neglecting the enormous amount of business it generates such as advertising, sponsorships, player transfers, broadcasts, entry to stadiums, etc.

Big sports brands like Nike and Adidas pay huge amounts of money to the world’s biggest football clubs and players for nothing.

So if you dream of starting a business that allows you to venture into this exciting and profitable world of soccer, today I present a plan to set up one – or several – soccer academies for children and youth.

The Business Idea

The basic idea consists of the formation of a soccer school for children between 5 and 11 years old as well as young people between 12 and 17 years old.

The business role is to teach theoretical-practical classes of your favorite sport.

Parents who love this sport will be delighted that their children not only play soccer but also get involved in a healthy and fun activity.

Initial Investment Soccer Academy

The investment to set up your business is minimal since the main input you need to start is knowledge and experience in sports.

The coaches or technicians are those key people for the success of your academy since they are the ones who direct all the mechanics of training and provide the entertainment ingredient.

You do not need to have your own courts because you can rent a public court for training or make a comfortable rental agreement with a private place or educational center.

The basic sports equipment to start:

  • balls
  • training uniforms
  • plastic implements
  • gurgles

Marketing Plan

You can exploit the business in different ways, focusing mainly on free classes and courses for which you charge a registration fee and monthly payment.

Additionally you will have other income such as the sale of sports equipment and implements and in the medium term you will be able to sell sponsorships:

  • uniforms for students
  • soccer balls
  • sports shoes,
  • manuals and / or audiovisual materials
  • etc.

You can promote your academy with a creative slogan like “Sport and fun make champions“or”Training the great players of tomorrow“.

You can offer packages to parents, such as including the uniform in registration or including free study material. Creativity is up to you!

Additionally, you must develop your own course manuals that will include all the technical lessons necessary for your students’ learning.

An extremely important part of the strategy is to organize internal championships between your students and some invited teams where you can collect tickets, offer trophies, sell sponsorships, sell food and drinks and of course sports equipment and more.

Well, if you are one of those who think big, maybe one day if you do things right, you can even turn your business into a franchise or even acquire the franchise of a recognized club, which would automatically multiply your profits.

Remember also that nowadays football is a sport that women also enjoy a lot, so organizing exclusive championships for women is another attractive aspect of the business.

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