Tips To Improve Your Catalog Sales

[post actualizado 2020]

Many are the people who in eagerness to earn an extra income and without leaving their regular activities use the systems of direct sale to distribute products by catalog.

Undoubtedly a multimillion dollar industry whose varied product lines range from footwear, clothing, perfumery to those related to vitamins and healthy supplements to name just a few.

However, although joining a distribution company is quite simple, selling by catalog may not be as easy as it sounds.

For this small business to yield the desired results, you need more than just the desire to achieve it, you need to know sales techniques and strategies to obtain great results.

So, if you are one of those people who use this business system and you are looking to improve your sales and therefore your income, these are some useful tips that will help you.

How to improve your catalog sales

Get organized better

  1. Always have your most recent catalog at hand
  2. Update your price lists to avoid surprises when placing your orders
  3. Use purchase orders with a price so that your customers clearly know the requested product, the price and the day you will make the delivery
  4. Buy what is requested and avoid over inventory, this protects your capital

The organization helps to optimize the use of time and better serve your customers and all this results in more sales.

Take care of your personal presentation

  1. Your personal image sells. And especially if you sell personal care products it is important that you groom yourself properly and give the best impression
  2. Use your own products and be the best recommendation of them
  3. Avoid serving customers if you are not fully presentable
  4. If you are a girl, take care of your hair, nails and wear moderate makeup

Proper self-image increases trust and makes people feel more comfortable with your advisor. Important factors to facilitate the purchase decision.

Be an expert on your product

  1. Study and learn the characteristics of your products very well, this transmits security
  2. Emphasize a lot about the benefits your customers will get from using them
  3. Do not exaggerate about the results, your client may perceive this and doubt
  4. Use your dealer’s list prices
  5. Do not change prices from one client to another, this creates disloyalty
  6. Attend Product Training Seminars to Be an Expert
  7. Consult in your company all the doubts that arise

A good salesperson always knows his product perfectly, however he does not focus on characteristics when selling but on Benefits.

Manage credits well

  1. If you are starting in the business, do not offer credit beyond the delivery time
  2. Don’t accept checks unless you are a very trusted customer
  3. Clearly indicate to your customer the price of the product and when to cancel it
  4. Don’t be afraid to collect and get your money back

Good management of credit sales is essential for your business to remain healthy. If you can avoid it better but if not, you must have the character to collect or you will lose your capital.

Always learn new sales techniques

  1. Give away product samples to attract your customers, check with your company about their availability
  2. Prepare product presentation talks and invite family and friends preferably during non-business hours or on weekends
  3. Visit your neighbors to show catalog and make sales, preferably in the afternoons or evenings. In the morning it is not convenient because there are many pending household tasks and they will not give you enough attention
  4. Do some promotion on Facebook and Instagram
  5. Make some calls to your friends or family to offer them some products, tell them that you are starting your business and this will make them more sensitive to support you
  6. Ask your most loyal customers for some referrals to visit them and offer them the product
  7. Give a product to your referring customer if they give you a good referral who also buys you
  8. Always remember that when you sell 2 out of 10 customers they will buy from you and the rest will say no, so don’t be discouraged

Always feed your personal motivation

To have excellent results in sales you must always be motivated, that fills you with energy to go out and find new clients.

  1. Read self-motivation books
  2. Read motivational blogs to recharge your attitude
  3. Listen to cds or motivational talks on podcast
  4. Stay away and don’t listen to negative people who don’t support you
  5. Get close to your leaders in the business and do what they are doing
  6. Invest in your training constantly

And one last tip that I am sure will be of great value to you is: respect the system.

Every independent entrepreneur must be supported by the system of his company and the results come to the extent that these are respected.

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