Travel and Tourism: 22 Business Ideas

“Industry without chimneys” continues to be one of the sectors of most lucrative businesses in the world.

For the entrepreneurs tourism represents attractive opportunities since travelers every day demand better services that make their stay more comfortable. The good news is that there are different businesses that can be derived from the tourism industry with different levels of investment.

Today I share you 22 business ideas related to travel and tourism so you can choose the one that best suits your budget and knowledge.

  1. Netbook or iPad rental
  2. Bike rental in small towns
  3. Cheap International Calling Services (VoIP)
  4. TV channel with local tourist information such as: restaurants, excursions, hotels, cultural events, services, etc.
  5. Multilingual guides (English, Spanish, Italian, French and regional languages)
  6. Sales of typical sweets
  7. Regional goods store
  8. Cybercafe services with videoconference (Skype)
  9. Amusement centers for children
  10. Transport services: minibuses
  11. Cheap hostels
  12. Executive taxi services for safe and private transfers
  13. Digital camera rental
  14. Bingos
  15. Tourist train for city tours
  16. Language schools
  17. Dental emergency services
  18. Sale of maps
  19. Sale of cards for international calls
  20. Horseback riding service
  21. Water rides (canoe or small boats)
  22. Rent of houses and apartments by day, week or month

Of course, there are more ideas that can be innovated, however the promotion of tourism services its key element is the constant search for alliances with other providers, especially with those of great scope such as hotels, discos, travel agencies and restaurants.

Remember that the first step is to develop a business plan that helps you organize your ideas and visualize the scope of your project.


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