Undertake Offering Computer Services At Home

Undertake Offering Computer Services At Home

This is a very interesting business idea, ideal for young entrepreneurs and of course designed for those who have a higher level of computer knowledge.

Although also for those who are willing to take the courses required to become experts and provide certain services.

If you have the preparation and technical knowledge to solve common Internet problems, repair laptops or configure social networks, this idea will help you earn money using just a few extra hours a week and with a minimum investment.

High demand in computer services

While it is true that people are becoming more adept at using digital devices and applications, when they need to go beyond just being users and correcting something, everyone needs help.

The proposal consists of offering at home various computer services that people demand. Note that the special ingredient is offering it “at home” as many people do not have the time, means and confidence to take their equipment to a specialized service center.

In addition, many of the computer problems related to equipment or programs can be solved in a short time and without the need for special tools.

Of course, that does not rule out the option that if the problem warrants it, the equipment has to be removed for checking in your workshop (which for practical purposes could be your own home).

In addition, depending on your knowledge and experience, you can offer a variety of services or focus on specific areas such as:

  • Detection and cleaning of viruses and spywares
  • Equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • Installations of software programs
  • Repair of equipment failure or damage
  • Repair of problems with social networks
  • Troubleshooting by phone
  • Mobile phone restoration

IT services marketing strategy

Part of the marketing strategy to make yourself known includes offering your clients a diagnosis and prior budget for which they must pay you an amount that can range between US $ 10 – $ 15 depending on the distance, as long as they do not accept that you work their team immediately .

Many are the customers who will be delighted with this kind of service as it will allow them to check their equipment without leaving the comfort of their home.

Of course, since the service is at home, you need to inspire a lot of confidence, which is why it is very important: your personal presentation, language, professional behavior and respect for the client.

Finally, remember to promote your services as a computer technician in the local newspaper and on social networks, with business cards and on the recommendation of friends and family.

With just a few hours a week you will soon see how you develop this nice part time business And your pocket gets a few good extra bucks.

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