What is the Affiliate Market?

If you have ever heard the term “Affiliate Marketing” or affiliate market and you do not know very well what it is, then let me tell you about this interesting and lucrative business system.

Within the diversity of Internet business options, this is probably one of the most interesting and attractive models due to its simplicity and ease of entering it, which is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to start a business. small business with little investment and in their overtime.

What is the Affiliate Market?

In short, we can say that the affiliate system is a system that facilitates the commercialization of virtual products on the Internet without having to manufacture or invent anything.

The model is successful because in a simple way it links the three interested parties in a negotiation: buyer, seller and intermediary (affiliate). And best of all, everyone wins! Now I explain it better.

The buyer

He is the one who obtains in a matter of minutes, an excellent product useful for his purposes. For example, people who buy a course, a digital book, an electronic report useful for their activities or anything else that they are interested in acquiring on the Internet.

The seller

Within this business ecosystem called affiliate market, the seller is the one who creates or designs a digital product and obtains the possibility of earning royalties by placing it for sale in a simple way without requiring a large infrastructure or a marketing system determined for that purpose.

Of course, for this, they use specialized platforms to be able to place the product and sell it with a very reliable payment system that guarantees security. For example, the most used system for this purpose is .

The Affiliate

It is the intermediary who wins by promoting the digital product of a third party (the seller). Usually the affiliate has a website, a forum, many friends on their social networks or any other virtual platform to promote third-party products in exchange for a commission.

The affiliate is not the owner of the product or is in charge of the support, since all this is attended by the seller. The primary objective of the affiliate is to promote the product and get people interested and buy it, and in return receives a commission for each product sold.

The system

The key to success is that all of the above is centralized through a system called the affiliate market that provides all the automated mechanics to be able to market the products, receive payments, deliver the products, handling of claims and everything related to a reliable, fast and automated way.

On a regular basis, anyone who wants to join the affiliate market and to become an affiliate you must register as a seller or affiliate to be able to do negotiations within the system.

Today there are a variety of systems in which you can register to work and do business as an affiliate, some of the best known and most reliable being:

* Works products in English and Spanish and its coverage is wide in different countries.

Products in the Affiliate Market

Within the products that are marketed in the affiliate market there is a great diversity and most are developed to supply a range of common topics such as: ebooks, software, guides of different kinds, diet programs, guides to learn musical instruments, etc. . You can see an example of the categories that ClickBank handles here.

Of the Commissions

To understand the process of marketing a virtual product in the affiliate market and how the profits and commissions are distributed imagine the following examples:

Example 1 (prices in dollars)

You are the writer of a digital book (ebook) about how to train your dog the easy way.
You don’t know much about the Internet, you don’t have a website, you aren’t an expert marketer so you decide to market it through an affiliate marketing system.

You register your product and place it for sale with a price of $ 50 dollars. This will make affiliates promote your product for you and you will pay each affiliate $ 25 to make it attractive to them.
The affiliate system will charge you about $ 5.5 for each sale (7.5%) which leaves you a profit of about $ 19.50 dollars for each book sold.

  • In the first month you sell 10 books leaving you an income of $ 195 minus your $ 30 registration for being the first book, $ 165 remains in your pocket
  • The following month, more interested affiliates are added and you sell 25 books but 4 of them are claimed because they did not think so that in total the sale is 21 ebooks, leaving you a profit of $ 409.50
  • And in the third month the book is a success and you sell 40 books net for it, obtaining about $ 780 dollars.

Business is going so well that you decide to write another book to add to your product list.

Example # 2

You are the owner of a website with excellent visitor traffic. Your theme is about beauty tips for ladies and you receive an average of 150,000 visitors per month.

You sign up as a free affiliate at ClickBank and choose from the list of products an ebook about an excellent natural treatment to reduce acne. You look for a related banner to be able to promote the product on your website and the affiliate system will handle the sales.

You don’t have to do anything special other than place an ad to get your visitors interested, and since it’s a related product, some sales will start to come in soon. The product costs $ 45 to the buyer and leaves you a commission of $ 18 for each sale.

  • The first month there are several interested parties and 8 sales are made through your website with a profit on your bag of $ 144. Not bad for the first month.
  • The next month you sell another 12 units and it leaves you about $ 216. So as the business is going well, you decide to add the promotion of another product to double your monthly income.

As you can see, the affiliate market system is a novel and practical concept that has revolutionized the way to earn money online. And I am sure that it can become your first real business on the Internet.

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    WHAT Is Affiliate Marketing? (CLEARLY Explained In Under 2 Minutes)

Well, open your free account right now and start promoting affiliate products.

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