Why If Accounting Is Sooo Important, Does No One Pay Attention To It?

Much has been written about the benefits of accounting, however, in practice we see that many ventures leave the subject as something that “then it will be resolved”.

Why does this happen?

In the following article we will evaluate the reasons why many times an entrepreneur’s attempt to start accounting for his business on the right foot is frustrated.

The entrepreneur phenomenon and its accounting

They do not value its importance

In theory you can find countless articles that try to convince entrepreneurs of the benefits of accounting. However, there are still entrepreneurs who, making use of their talent as merchants, base their decisions exclusively on the cash they have on hand.

These types of entrepreneurs think that investing time or money in accounting is nothing more than a waste of time since they have never used financial reports as tools to direct the future of their company.

Bad luck with accounting advisers

This second group of entrepreneurs does recognize the importance of accounting controls in their business, however, they have not been lucky enough to find accountants who speak the same language as them, whether the accountant is someone “from the old school” and does not adapt to new technologies, or is too young, with little experience demonstrating informality.

So the entrepreneur, after several attempts, decides better to move away from accounting.

Very expensive meters

Similar to the previous group, these entrepreneurs, knowing the advantages of good accounting, enthusiastically request quotes from the large and prestigious accounting firms in their country.

They imagine themselves talking on a call with the most influential consultant in their city, but the whole dream is shattered when they see that the quote sent by the famous accountant equals more than half of their spending budget.

A sad and hasty end to the entrepreneur’s attempts to keep his accounting books in order.

Nowadays things have changed, it is already easier to leave the boring subjects of accounting to experts who will not cost you a fortune,

Why pay? If my niece can help me

Andrea, the niece, graduated as an accountant last year, what better than to give her the accounting of the venture. Best of all, she will earn quite a little, well, she has great enthusiasm for putting what she has learned into practice and does not mind earning little.

It is true that the intentions are good, because Andrea will learn, but she will learn by experimenting with your company, will that be the best?

And how will you demand results from her in her work, is she your niece, and is she a sweetheart? Honestly, the money that you will save cannot be compared with the uncomfortable moments with the family that this could represent, not recommended.

Is that the venture is very small

Overall, it is a small undertaking that does not require so much. The above is a big lie that you are making to yourself, because I do not know an entrepreneur who thinks that his project is small, it is inherent in the entrepreneur to think that his company will be a giant, he will have many clients and employees, since that makes him work with passion.

So no, don’t kid yourself, your venture is not small. Maybe at first yes, but finally if you want to be successful you must act small and dream big, and to dream big you need tools to help you, such as correct accounting.

What to do then?

I am sure that you have identified with some of the previous scenarios, as I am also sure that accounting is one of those war fronts that you want to avoid in your business, it is not fashionable or fun, and comparing it with the War front called “Digital Marketing” where you have fun publishing things and generating likes, the poor thing about accounting has no such attraction.

Nowadays things have changed, it is already easier to leave the boring topics of accounting to experts that will not cost you a fortune, you can easily learn the use of financial reports and make decisions based on heart, mind and numbers.

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