Women Entrepreneurs and Their Strengths

Women Entrepreneurs and Their Strengths

They are generators of many innovative ideas and they have enough drive to move forward companies and families.

They are mothers, daughters, wives and they are intelligent, young and professional women who are undertaking business that are transforming our environment.

His influence provides a balance that every corporation needs and undoubtedly the world will be different to the extent that enterprising women keep participating actively with your strengths.

For Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Prize) the answer is very clear: “The crisis would not have taken place if the financial world was dominated by women instead of men. They are much more cautious and would not have assumed so much risk until the system collapsed”.

And it is that women have been particularly endowed with important capabilities applied to business represent success factors:

  1. They are excellent negotiators. Women have a quality probably derived from their charisma and their reluctance to give in easily that makes them good negotiators. They do not get discouraged quickly and if an alternative does not work they have the flexibility to propose.
  2. They are tireless workers. At home and in the office, women seem to have a special endowment of strength that makes them invincible. They can put in any number of hours working tirelessly until they reach their goals.
  3. They are very good administrators. Their ability to be realistic, detailed and meticulous makes them exceptionally capable when managing budgets, representing a great strength that every company needs.
  4. They are excellent communicators. Girls have a natural tendency to communicate. A quality that, used in a positive way, can contribute a lot entrepreneurial environment.
  5. They are the best sellers. The ladies are undoubtedly the best sellers. Why? Because in addition to being charismatic, talkative and sensitive: they never give up!
  6. They are more cautious. When making decisions, women have a natural tendency to analyze the circumstances better and more deeply, weighing better the different alternatives. It does not mean that they do not take risks but they probably risk less, contrary to the male tendency to push the limits.

The stories of successful women They are innumerable and it is admirable and great to see how in addition to being the pillar that supports thousands of homes, they still undertake. And within this work of proposing Business Ideas For entrepreneurs, I have the honor to share with exceptional women who also motivate and have created communities that contribute to further strengthen women entrepreneurs. Among the best that I know and that will surely be of great use to you are the following:

Business Women: Practically a business center with infinite resources and topics especially dedicated to women entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Created and edited by Silvia Chauvin, Business Women It is a website that cannot be missing from your favorites.

.: Entrepreneurs is a virtual community designed, managed and carried out by women but aimed at all entrepreneurs. Site created by Mercè Castells and Quique Martínez.

Businesswomen Network: A net specially designed for clawed women who want to be businesswomen. A forum to help you do more and better business from internet.

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