Women’s Self Defense School

Self-defense is not a luxury, on the contrary, it is an increasingly necessary skill considering the level of danger and aggressions that are more common towards women every day.

The statistics are alarming and most women ignore at least the minimum actions that they should know to defend themselves against an attack. And this represents an opportunity not only to provide a service of individual interest but to help reduce the rates of this regrettable and detestable social phenomenon that affects us so much.

Objective of the Self Defense Courses

Fundamentally, the courses should be focused on instructing the ladies about the different variants regarding possible attacks in such a way that they can not only take preventive actions but also have the possibility of effectively defending themselves physically against any attack.

The main objective of the course should be to transform the perspective and mentality of women in such a way that, far from being just another victim, they can make use of basic self-defense techniques to avoid physical and emotional damage.

Statistics show that 80% of women who know self defense and who have had to face an attack, including attempted rape, have escaped unscathed.

Hence, undoubtedly this class of courses can become a very noble business and beneficial to society in general.

What Services Should the Academy Offer

Essentially, the courses taught at your academy should include some important elements of both training and assistance in general, such as:

  • Basic self defense
  • Physical and psychological conditioning
  • Self defense in the car
  • Martial Arts
  • Kick boxing
  • Weapon handling and defensive shooting
  • Psychological Assistance
  • Legal advice
  • Women’s rights

Marketing For Your School

It is essential that marketing is focused on promoting instruction and preparation in female self-defense and that all courses are designed based on this concept. If you make it too general then you would be thinking of a karate dojo and that represents a different business.

The secret here is to be able to offer the service to young ladies and girls interested in learning the basic techniques to protect themselves and who of course will be willing to pay very well for the service if they obtain the preparation they seek to be able to defend themselves. Hence the importance of all your media advertising being projected under this concept.

Structuring your Business

Like any business, it must be intelligently planned to cover all financial and operational aspects of your academy.

Local. It is recommended to have a room or space dedicated specifically for training that does not have to be so large but it does have to be the minimum to be able to perform the maneuvers properly. A room of about 50 to 80 square meters would be ideal to start.

Equipment. You must have all the necessary equipment for physical training practices such as mats, punching bags, gloves, mirrors, as well as administrative furniture. And in the event that you offer shooting training, you should consider the possibility at the beginning of using a specialized firing range for this purpose as well as the rental of weapons in order to minimize your costs.

Personal. It is essential to have trained personnel for training in martial arts as well as advisers with experience in the field of security. Who you can hire by course or by the hour in the case of regular trainings.

Of the Preparation of the Courses

It is ideal that you can offer a catalog of comprehensive courses for different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced in such a way that the person not only gets hooked on your services but also as they acquire preparation and greater security they will recommend you to others Potential customers.

These courses should include enough theoretical information on prevention so that women learn how to be less vulnerable as well as the technical and physical training part before any event that they inevitably have to face.

Legal advice and psychological care services are an added value that your clients will surely appreciate.

So this may be a excellent and profitable business Well, the market is wide if you know how to sell it very well. Do you know any woman who would not be interested in learning basic self defense techniques? I do not think so…

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