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Guest Author: Patrick Vazquez, Multilingual SEO Researcher

The development of the internet and the introduction of web 2.0 technology have meant a brutal change in the business world.

The great revolution of social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google + forces businesses to have a presence on them as well. On second thought, it is logical to be where your clients are and if, in addition, the characteristics of this new website are well used, you can achieve several advantages for your business.

You have to bear in mind that your pages on social networks are like tools that add more value to your business. They serve to distinguish your offer from the competition and at the same time, you can create a unique image that will facilitate the formation of a competitive advantage over competitors.

Here are some detailed steps to follow to help your business grow using the internet and social networks:

1.First, it is important to communicate the presence of your business online. For example, you have to add the company’s website and other details to find the business on Twitter, Facebook, etc., to all the elements where the company name appears.

Most of the entrepreneurs They already know the importance of making business cards, but it is also essential to have a link between all the ‘touchpoints’ of your business. By constantly reinforcing the company’s online presence, it will increase the possibility of getting prospective clients and will also give the image of a dynamic group open to business. new ways of doing business.

2 today business has changed and customers no longer wait passively for your messages. Instead, they are actively looking for more information about your business. So it is essential to share content with your audience at short intervals that is impactful, unique and that is registered in the mind of the recipient. Using text alone is no longer enough. Web 2.0 and new technologies also make the use of videos, music and photos possible. A good mix of these elements will help you attract more visits to your social media sites.

3. Pay attention to what is said in your business area. It is necessary to listen to what your customers are talking about, this makes it possible to meet their needs more effectively. Since social media is for everyone, it’s also a good idea to visit your competitors’ pages. Thus it is possible to know the new trends in the market and, at the same time, not lose sight of the competitors. In addition, listening to your customers makes it possible to have a conversation with them, a very important factor in creating a good relationship with them.

These three tips represent the first steps of a good social media strategy. Today there is businesses of all kinds and of all sizes that are taking advantage of the use of social networks. Thus, if the goal of your business is to grow, stabilize or change its image, the use of social media will become essential. So the sooner you have a strategy, the better.

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Guest Author: Patrick Vazquez, Multilingual SEO Researcher

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