Business turned into negotiations

Today I want to share with you an extraordinary summary published in one of my favorite blogs about entrepreneurs that even in the midst of the “crisis” they have found the formula to turn business into negotiations.

Do you want to know what they do and how they do it?

This is a list of CNN Expansion about cases of outstanding entrepreneurs also called the “Crisis Superheroes“who have known how to exploit to the maximum interest business niches Among which I am sure you can find ideas for your own.

They quit their job and believe Arccanto: a firm of comprehensive financial advisory and financing management aimed at SMEs, something that did not exist.

Quarksoft: its partners define it as a developer of “custom software”.

Docusolutions: company dedicated to the administration of physical files. Conformed upon receiving an inheritance.

graft: experts in market capture. It seeks to offer its customers precise information essential to conquer new markets or improve its products.

ARG Renting, low-cost kilometers: in exchange for a fully deductible monthly payment, it offers firms such as vehicles for its operation, including the maintenance and control of the units.

Soccer, soccer bookstore: it is in charge of collecting titles about this sport in a library and a bookstore, and even has exclusive works in the country

I am sure that all these success stories have very useful elements for your business. I recommend you examine them carefully and use them for your own experience. Click on this link if you want to see the full CNN Expansión report.


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