Guide to Starting a Daycare

Guide to Starting a Daycare

Nurseries or daycare as they are also known, are one of the areas of great responsibility that exist since we deal with the care of children to whom we must provide the greatest possible security and a lot of attention while their parents are working. Ensuring quality of care can guarantee that you will have a profitable business in your hands.

Characteristics such as adequate training, specialization, professionalism and safety should be on the agenda in order to comply with everything necessary to start a daycare. Below we will show you some important steps you must follow to To start a business of this class.

1. Adequate space
For being a business with a lot of responsibility The first thing we must obtain is a suitable place that meets the requirements of space, safety and accessibility for children. It is important that we seek advice from state organizations that issue permits for the operation of this type of business, who can indicate in detail the minimum requirements that our premises must have. Initially, you should consider a room with some well-ventilated, well-lit classrooms and equip them with the appropriate furniture for each type of pre-school age. In some cases, if you want to start small, you can even do it from home and gradually grow.

2. Attention
Second, we must establish the minimum and maximum number of children that we can serve according to our ability to hire babysitters. Normally, experts consider that the maximum quota that we should accept is 85% of our possibilities in order to give adequate and personalized attention to each child.

3. Work team
Ideally, it is necessary that we have a group of people such as psychologists, babysitters and teachers who can take care of the children during the time they are in your premises. Remember that some children need constant attention throughout the day so our work team must be trained to deal with any problem that may arise. Your team must remain in constant training, so that you should not take the training of your work team as an expense but see it as an investment in the future so that in this way you can provide better service to your customers and therefore make your business even more profitable.

4. Equipment and furniture
Another aspect to take into account very carefully refers to the different needs that a nursery has in terms of furniture and equipment for the care of children. Each of the furniture that you acquire must be chosen based on the age of the children you will attend, for example if you have children from 0 to 2 years it is necessary that you have some cots and beds so that they can rest. You should even think about playpens to keep kids occupied with toys. For lunchtime it is convenient to have several tables and chairs so that children can do it comfortably. A kit and all educational materials should be considered in your budget.

5. Safe toys
It is essential that the toys that your nursery has are safe to avoid an accident, likewise in the play area it is convenient that you install a large carpet so that children can play without hurting themselves or dirtying their clothes.

6. Work budget and service cost
Finally, it is very important that you prepare a very clear and detailed budget that allows you to have control of monthly expenses as well as a sales projection with which the nursery will work. Remember that there are several big expenses like food and staff that must be considered. Finally, remember that a good investment budget and one of expenses will allow you to establish the appropriate fees and determine your possibilities to compete and obtain the desired profits.

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