12 Businesses To Start During The Soccer World Cup

12 Businesses To Start During The Soccer World Cup

Did you know that vuvuzelas have they become an indispensable instrument to passionately encourage any sporting event?

Did you know that they were used for the first time in the 2010 World Cup and their commercialization became a gold mine for producers and distributors?

They were invented by the plastic manufacturer Wu Yijun who saw in the world cup the opportunity of his life for this novel product invented in 2001.

It is estimated that about 5 million vuvuzuelas were sold in the first World Cup and today 7 types are manufactured and orders for Asian manufacturers are in the tens of millions.

That’s right, this is just one example of how the World Cup, one of the most anticipated and enjoyed sporting events in the world generates countless great businesses to undertake.

The good news is that you, as a small or medium-sized entrepreneur, can also take advantage of this great event.

Good spirits invite consumption, when people are happier there is a greater willingness to spend“. – Francisco Alcaide, author of the book” Football: phenomenon of phenomena “.

Russia 2018 is already in all its splendor and entrepreneurs cannot miss this sports fever to generate money with some good business ideas.

12 business ideas to undertake during the world cup

1. Sell sporting goods and souvenirs

If something increases significantly during the World Cup, it is the demand for sporting goods such as soccer balls, uniforms and shoes, but especially the sale of official shirts of the participating teams. So you can easily find wholesale distributors of these sports equipment and start making money.

Another complementary business idea is to market accessories for favorite teams such as: bracelets, hats, key rings, posters, banners, mugs with photos, etc. The variety is immense and creativity the only limit.

2. Imprtir soccer football classes

I remember when I was a child, during the World Cup season, we would watch the games in the company of friends and once they were over, we would immediately run out into the streets to play our own games imagining that we were the world cup scoring stars.

Nowadays, parents prefer, for various reasons, to pay their children for soccer classes where in addition to learning and living together, they do so in a more appropriate environment.

So you could start offering your services as a children’s coach to teach classes to groups of children and adolescents. You just need to get creative and contact the places where you can build your business or start planning your own soccer academy.

3. Tourism business

If you have a travel agency or experience in tourist operation, you should make the most of the season to promote tourist packages so that all people who want to attend football matches can do so safely, comfortably and economically.

Creativity in this business is the key.

4. Business of selling advertising

The sponsors of the world cup invest millions of dollars during this event to position their brands around the planet.

Hence, this represents a huge business opportunity for all those companies that are related to advertising media such as producers, marketing agencies, media and even your blog. The important thing is to prepare a media kit and be available to take advantage of the avalanche of advertising campaigns.

5. Marketing of stamp album

A very ingenious business that is marketed during the world cup is the albums with the protagonists of the teams.

The strategy of an album consists of creating a product that children and young people have “as a challenge” to fill out through the acquisition of stamps or stickers with the images of the cup players.

Basically it consists of wholesale or retail the figures of the players that are liked by the fans. According to representatives of the Painini firm, more than 10 million albums will be printed which, if you do the numbers, represents a good business opportunity.

If you create a business plan and budget, you could even create your own product. The cost of printing versus the return on sales can represent a highly profitable business.

6. Subscriptions for Pay TV

Another service that has an increase in the number of subscribers is pay television to see the most important games with the best quality.

Hence, there are many operators of this class that allow you to market their products in exchange for a commission so that you can approach the suppliers in your city and register as an authorized distributor to start promoting them.

7. Make and sell team jerseys

You can invest in making inexpensive camisoles of your favorite teams to sell in stores and markets in your area. Either you have experience and infrastructure to make them or you buy them wholesale from a local distributor and resell them.

You can be sure that at this time many fans will want to have the shirt of one of the favorites: Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain and if your country is in the cup, surely many of your national team.

8. Sale of food with a soccer atmosphere

To enjoy a good football match, nothing better than a place with delicious food, good drinks and a big TV screen accompanied by your best friends.

If you have a restaurant, an inn or a picnic area, give your business a World Cup touch. Decorate it according to the event, make sure you have a couple of good televisions and special combos so that your clients can choose you as their favorite option.

And how about some promotions like “if your team wins free drinks“…. or something similar…
You sure triple your sales!

9. Sale of televisions

It is no secret to anyone that television sales are tripling this season.
Everyone wants to enjoy the games with the greatest comfort at home and therefore, televisions are the best-selling product in the world.

Hence, if you have a business related to the sale and distribution of electronic devices or distribution of household appliances, you must be prepared to obtain the best profit by marketing televisions.

10. Sale of soccer balls

Another product that significantly multiplies its demand during the World Cup are balls or soccer balls.

Young people and especially children get excited about every game and practically everyone wants to play soccer. Whether you manufacture or distribute them, soccer balls represent an excellent business opportunity to consider.

11. Create a website about the world cup

One of the ways to make money online is to create interesting websites about big events.

You can create a site or blog that contains fresh and interesting news about the World Cup. This is an ideal time as a website with good content can be highly valued by football fans looking for information. The way to monetize your blog is by selling advertising or reselling your site once it has good visitor traffic.

12. Advertising calendars for matches

If you want to take advantage of the World Cup to strengthen your business, you can make a brand presence by printing calendars with the dates of the matches and giving them to your customers.

These calendars are usually very popular but people always stick with the most creative or the most practical ones, so if you want your brand to remain in the pocket of your potential clients, you can make your own design right away.

Amazing Business Lessons from the Spanish Soccer League

Organizations such as the Spanish Football League have invested millions of euros in creating the most profitable football industry in the world through products “sports“that we have all consumed and that we will continue to buy for a long time until someone else imitates the strategy and provides us with great quality entertainment.

These are some of the lessons we can learn from them:

They have created a great global image

Spanish football is undoubtedly phenomenal, but its ability to make it stand out from the other dozens of teams from other countries is impressive.

They have been able to sell us the idea that the Spanish league is enjoyed to the fullest and we have accepted it. As an example of this, they sell us the classic matches like “the most important and awaited game on the planet!“(Coincidence or slogan created by themselves?)

They have created fantastic products

More than just exceptional players, they have built around them an atmosphere of perfection that conquers the emotions of all fans.

Awards such as “the Ballon d’Or” and others highlight the category of the best exponents, making them even more valuable sportingly and commercially speaking. And when a player is worth more, people want to admire him even more.

Because of their personal marketing, Messi and Ronaldo top the charts, but they are followed by high-profile characters like Iniesta, Neymar, and even Ronaldinho.

They have designed and adapted their products for all kinds of consumers

Something that impresses me about manner is how their strategy has perfectly captivated a whole range of clients.

Until a few years ago, soccer was a man’s thing. It had to do with tough and competitive players. However, they have managed to transform this and now have more consumers. Today football is for children, for young people, for adults, for seniors, for women and for everyone.

Players have changed the image of toughness for a charisma and a personality that captivates.
The uniforms are different, more colorful and modern. Now men see football for the sports part and the ladies see it for the part “attractive“.

They invest millions of dollars in advertising

Once they have created such eye-catching products, they have continued to invade the minds and hearts of millions of fans around the world with a growing advertising campaign that makes them more and more powerful.

There is a marketing principle (or strategy of war) that is not without reason and that says: “a lie repeated by many, it becomes a truth“.


They have taken enough time, money and efforts to turn teams like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid into brands worth millions of euros. They are all over the world and everywhere. And we all know that a well-positioned brand continues to make a lot of money.


They have been able to successfully create and sell highly demanded products. Did you know that official camisoles represent a millionaire income? It is even said that this is one of the most profitable businesses of the clubs that can represent a high percentage of their profits.

The whole environment sells

The strategy makes its strength felt in every detail. From the logos, the image of the players, the uniforms, the stadiums, etc. Everything sells and is part of a coordinated commercial mechanics.

Finally, we must recognize that their success lies in having turned football into something more than matches and qualifiers, they have turned this sport into entertainment and spectacle and have managed to reach the hearts of the fans, turning it into a large business that leaves them juicy profits . And as if that were not enough, they have managed to make fans of those who were not.

Therefore, a properly planned Marketing strategy on a larger or smaller scale, for large and small businesses, is decisive for the success in the sales of your products.

So to enjoy the soccer world cup but without stopping to undertake.
What other business ideas can you share with the community?

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