House Painting Business

House Painting Business

The house painting business It has been around for years and will likely continue to be a profitable alternative that you can start with little money. In addition, it is a business that you can operate part-time and from your home.

Whether it is for aesthetics, renovation or change of season, many people like to paint their houses but not everyone loves the idea of ​​climbing a ladder and getting paint. And it is right there where you can offer your services.

General Aspects of the Business

The house painting business in fact, it is quite simple to start and operate as it basically consists of the interior and exterior painting service of houses and apartments.

What you need of course is to have very good painting taste, be very detailed and take a couple of hours to learn some special techniques for painting ceilings, electrical outlets and additional details that you can learn here.

Basic team

For operate the business initially you will need to invest in some of the following implements:

  • Brushes of different sizes
  • Rollers for different kinds of surfaces
  • Stairs, at least 2 stairs of different sizes
  • Special overall suit (this will give you a more professional presentation)
  • Pads for special textures
  • Mixing buckets
  • Finishing brushes
  • Spatulas for removing old paint
  • Plastic blankets for furniture
  • Small scaffold (optional, this is useful for ceiling painting and you can rent it)
  • Others: tape measure, masking tape

Approximate initial investment (with basic equipment): us $ 600 – $ 1500

Added value services

Added value is always an excellent way to win customers and in this house painting business you can also offer something extra like for example:

  • Glass cleaning
  • Advice on colors (you can rely on an interior design connoisseur)
  • Advice on paints (types and qualities)
  • Offer special designs for interiors
  • Application of roof waterproofing
  • Other home maintenance services

Other Important Aspects

  • The price of your work must be reasonable and competitive
  • Delivery dates must be met responsibly
  • The presentation of your budgets must be detailed
  • Offer payment options
  • Offer job guarantee
  • Present a catalog of references of your work (with photos)

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Of your fees

The cost of labor per house painting It is charged per square meter and depends on several factors such as the type of finishes required, the kind of surface, the heights and of course the urgency of the work. Therefore, each case must be adjusted according to the specific requirements. However for reference we can say that these are the average prices:

  • Exterior paint: us $ 4 – $ 6
  • Interior painting: us $ 3 – $ 7
  • Removal of old paint on gates: $ 2 – $ 4
  • Surface preparation: us $ 2 – $ 4
  • Waterproofing: us $ 3 – 6 $
  • Interior paint with special designs us $ 5 – $ 8

* These prices are per square meter and do not include paint or special materials

Finally, remember that your services can be fabulous but they must always be accompanied by a good promotion and sales strategy, for which I recommend our article on 9 low-cost tactics to promote your business.

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Other business ideas:

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