Entrepreneurs Festival in Israel 2019

Entrepreneurs Festival in Israel 2019

Do you have products or services and want to transcend borders?
Also, do you live in Guatemala? This post is for you.

Israel is a nation of entrepreneurs and its success stems from its incredible culture based on discipline.

Despite being a country with various conflicts, with a primarily desert territory and with very few natural resources, the Israelites have managed to develop a great first world nation, being innovative, creative and persistent.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Israel is the second most important in the world outside the USA and only comparable to Silicon Valley since in a country of 8.5 million inhabitants there are more than 5,000 registered startups.

While in the West we talk about thinking differently, some argue that their secret has been “think inside the box“Here, failure is not a bad word since they understand that undertaking carries inherent risks and for them, they are even existential.

According to the Apertura Negocios blog, today Israel is known for being a benchmark in cutting-edge technology, headquarters of innovation for large multinationals and one of the best countries to undertake.

Would you like to participate in the Entrepreneurs Festival in Israel 2019?

During this trip we will make history and open a gap for many entrepreneurs, strengthening the ties of friendship and trade between both countries.

If you reside in Guatemala, this is your opportunity.

Join and participate in conferences with Israeli experts who will tell us about entrepreneurship.

  • Two days of the Chapina Fair in Israel
  • Exhibition of products or services
  • Four days tour of Israel, where we will know historical places of the bible

The Chapina and Hispanic community in Israel are excited about this event and very interested in starting business with Guatemalan entrepreneurs.

When is the Entrepreneurs Festival?

Scheduled for July 2019

This edition of the festival is open to entrepreneurs of Guatemalan origin. It will be a beautiful trip that combines business with tourism in Israel.

✔️Conferences with Israeli experts on the topic of entrepreneurship.
✔️Stand for exhibition of products or services
✔️Tour through Israel
✔️Extension to Turkey (for those who wish)

Organized by: EASY TRIP with the support of the Guatemalan Embassy in Israel.
Information and contact: + 502-5978-7013

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