9 Automotive Service Business Ideas

9 Automotive Service Business Ideas

You know about car mechanics but don’t you have your own workshop or the necessary infrastructure to set it up?

Today I share some business ideas related to automotive services which will allow you to exploit your technical knowledge and turn it into a form of income. Of course, the basic requirement for these businesses is to have notions of auto mechanics and to have the appropriate tools to offer basic services.

  1. Roadside mechanical assistance service. Has your vehicle ever broken down on the road while going for a walk? It is frustrating at a given moment not knowing what to do or not having the right tools to solve the problem and continue on the road. Well, how about implementing an assistance service for travelers that can attend to these kinds of emergencies? The basic idea is to offer through an emergency telephone number the possibility of being attended in a short time at the place of the problem. Many would be delighted and grateful to pay to continue their destiny. Of course, the charge for this service is directly related to the distance and complexity of the problem.
  2. Oil change and minor home services. The main reason many people put off regular servicing of their vehicles is lack of time. It would be interesting to offer these minor services at home. Who wouldn’t be delighted to have their car serviced in the comfort of their home while taking a shower and breakfast? Of course you need to take with you all the elementary spare parts for these services such as lubricants, filters, candles or for specific spare parts or spare parts to have a supplier close to where to turn to acquire and install them in a short time.
  3. Minor on-site repairs. Similar to the previous one, it happens that many times your vehicle needs special minor repairs such as changing the bulbs, repairing the mirrors, doors and locks, changing the door gaskets, etc. Doing it quickly is an attraction for your customers.
  4. Polarized. Window tinting services are in increasing demand either for new vehicles or to replace old tints. Offering this service at home is also an excellent option since many people would take advantage of the fact that the vehicle is not in use to carry out the installation that does not usually take more than 45 minutes.
  5. Vehicle wash or carwash on site. Another alternative that may be of interest to your clients is to offer a washing and vacuuming service for their vehicles. This can be done either at home or in the office and the main attraction is that while they work or engage in other activities of greater importance, you take care of leaving their car shiny. It can also include the entire range of common services such as upholstery cleaning, silicone coating, polishing and polishing, among others.
  6. Service to batteries and accumulators. One of the common failures in vehicles is due to lack of maintenance to the battery terminals, which even many times more than cleaning require a change. These terminals have a very low price in the market and the number of problems that occur due to not having them in good condition is very high. Offering a home service that takes 15 minutes to provide this basic service to cars could be a great deal. Of course the cost of this service is relatively low but if you visualize it by volume of cars you could make a good extra $$.
  7. Sale of accessories at home. Many people like the various accessories for cars such as stripes, special lights, mirrors, ornaments, aromatics, etc. And being able to deliver these accessories at home could become a very lucrative business.
  8. Marketing of gasoline saving devices. From a few years to now, a series of alternatives for saving fuel have emerged on the market. From electronic devices to tablets to modify the density of combustion. And although some connoisseurs have reservations, it is a proven fact that they work and its commercialization represents attractive income. Surely you can find a distributor close to your locality to start this business.
  9. Locksmith services. Another service that can be very attractive is the repair of car door locks and plates. These at some point tend to be damaged by use and require repair. They also tend to change them for others of better quality to ensure greater safety for the vehicle. Many would be delighted to have their car repaired at home.

As you can see, most ideas have a common ingredient: on-site or home service. In a previous post we talked about the importance of this kind of services because those who want to gain more ground in business must reach the customer and not keep waiting for the customer to come.

The business battle is won by those entrepreneurs who have the creativity to innovate and make their products and services reach their customers’ doorstep. And as you can see, these ideas are also combinable since you can offer one or several at the same time with the possibility of expanding your Catalog of products and services.

And finally, an essential element that I cannot fail to mention is that all on-site services require that you inspire a lot of confidence and this is achieved by being professional, duly presentable, clean and identified.

Can you think of some services that we have not mentioned? Share them and contribute!

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