17 Disruptive Phrases by Jürgen Klaric

17 Disruptive Phrases by Jürgen Klaric

A few weeks ago Jürgen Klaric visited my country as part of his tour “Sell ​​to Mind and Not to People“.

Jürgen is someone I have followed and admired for a long time as his disruptive concepts about sales, education and business have radically transformed the way I see things.

For those who are not familiar with the term “disruptive“, as he himself mentions, it has to do with totally changing the way of doing something or the logic of people regarding a product or service.

I had the opportunity to participate in a consultancy from which I extracted a lot of valuable information that continues to transform my mind and that I then share with you in the form of sentences.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

17 Disruptive Phrases by Jürgen Klaric

1. “The world has changed in the last 3 years as if it had been 15”. – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

2. “Don’t sell yourself, make yourself known for your ideas and then you will sell yourself.” – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

3.”If you become famous on the net, there are plenty of consultancies“. – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

4. “I don’t go into businesses that depend on third parties, because then they decide my present and my future.” – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

5. “The best way to sell yourself today is by being a speaker, writer and teacher.” -Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

6. “Who does not know how to manage his Facebook intelligently, will be in serious trouble in the next 3 years”. – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

7. “The opportunities in the new economy are incredible.” – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

8. “Today we no longer need offices.” – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

9. “The secret is to become free and true success is to have less fear.” – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

10. “The one who does not know how to sell is screwed“. – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

11. “The # 1 reason for the death of startups in Latin America is not knowing how to sell.” – Jürgen Klaric

12. “Things are not worth what they are, but what they mean.” – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

13. “In the world of sales, if you can reduce a person’s fear, they will love you.” – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

14. “Selling fear is a lousy business“. – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

15. “Sellers must be supportive. The brain connects with people who help.” – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

16. “A brain with sugar can’t think. Sugar robs energy.” – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

17. “Serving, sharing, laughing, listening, asking, sells more. The brain rejects the typical sales pitch.” – Jürgen Klaric [twitéalo]

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